Ice Cube Claims He Has The Greatest Diss Song Of All Time

Ice Cube Claps Back: Debunking Claims of Pushing Black People to Vote Republican

Renowned rapper/actor O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson has become a hot topic once again, as the 2024 U.S. presidential race gains momentum and Republican contenders vie for the White House. This raises the question: Will Ice Cube jump into the political arena like he did in 2020?

Three years ago, Ice found himself at the center of a media firestorm when he aligned himself with the Donald Trump administration and introduced his self-proclaimed Contract With Black America (CWBA).

Ice Cube asserted that Democrats had declined to discuss his CWBA proposal prior to the 2020 election. However, it was reported that Cedric Richmond, the then-national Co-Chair of the Biden-Harris campaign, did indeed have a Zoom call with the influential Hip Hop mogul before election day.

Interestingly, Ice allegedly declined an opportunity to have a pre-election Zoom meeting with Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate at the time. Consequently, Cube faced accusations of being a pawn for the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

Recently, a social media user with the Twitter handle @LilHulkQ criticized Ice Cube, claiming that his actions were detrimental to the Black community. The user accused Cube of urging African-American voters to abandon the Democratic Party in favor of supporting Republicans, who allegedly suppress Black votes, undermine Black history, and dismantle Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs that benefit Black individuals.

In response to this criticism, Ice fired back, stating, “I never told yo’ Black ass who to vote for, so stop lying and get that ‘clickbait’ out’cha mouth.” It’s evident that Ice Cube remains steadfast amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding his alleged association with the far right-wing movement.





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