Lil Durk Faces Backlash for Expressing Disinterest in “Lyrical” Rappers

Lil Durk recently sparked controversy on social media after revealing that he isn’t particularly fond of “lyrical” rappers.

During an interview with Spotify’s RapCaviar, while discussing his new single “All My Life” featuring J. Cole, Durkio made the comments that garnered attention. Despite acknowledging Cole’s exceptional guest verse on the track, he stated, “You know I ain’t super big on lyricist-type rappers. Cole was one of them ones that, like, him and [JAY-Z], you gotta play them 50 times to catch what they’re saying.”

Although Durk has collaborated with acclaimed lyricists such as Nas, Big Sean, J.I.D, Cordae, Logic, Chance The Rapper, and Talib Kweli in the past, fans swiftly criticized his stance on lyrics. One Instagram comment expressed disappointment, stating, “[sad] day when mfs don’t listen to actual lyrics.”

Despite the controversy, Lil Durk later emphasized his appreciation for J. Cole’s verse on “All My Life” in a separate interview with Complex, acknowledging that Cole “smoked” him on the song. Durk also discussed the track’s creation, highlighting his moody state and how he believed J. Cole was the perfect fit for the collaboration.

“All My Life,” produced by pop hitmaker Dr. Luke, serves as the lead single from Lil Durk’s upcoming album, Almost Healed, slated for release on May 26. The song marks Durk and Cole’s first joint effort, and Durk expressed his excitement about the collaboration and the positive vibes surrounding it.

While Lil Durk’s comments on lyrical rappers sparked backlash, his upcoming album and collaboration with J. Cole continue to generate anticipation among fans.


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