Angela D’Williams

YSL Attorney Angela D’Williams Sparks Controversy with OnlyFans Comment

Angela D’Williams, an attorney appointed for the YSL RICO trial, recently made headlines when she jokingly mentioned the possibility of starting an OnlyFans account due to low compensation. The frustration over inadequate wages prompted her candid remarks, as reported by local Atlanta news outlet WSB-TV.

Angela D’Williams expressed her concerns, stating, “Considering this case is projected to last about a year, the compensation would amount to a mere six dollars per hour. It leaves me unable to take on new cases or resolve existing ones. I need an alternative means of survival.”

Further elaborating on her dissatisfaction, she revealed her disappointment with the lack of support from the Georgia Public Defender Council (GPDC). D’Williams had requested additional funds in March but received a response from the director, essentially dismissing her concerns. This led her to question the council’s efforts to advocate for appointed counsel in this particular case.

In response, the GPDC countered D’Williams’ claim and filed their own motion seeking her removal from the trial. They alleged that her motion to withdraw was merely a tactic to negotiate for higher compensation. A purported text exchange between D’Williams and a colleague supported this theory, where she explicitly mentioned filing the motion as a strategy to pressure the GPDC for increased pay.

Throughout the trial, D’Williams has been representing Rodalius Ryan, a co-defendant of Young Thug. Ryan garnered attention when he was escorted out of the courtroom after being found in possession of a significant amount of marijuana. This incident occurred on the same day another public defender was arrested on various charges, including battery, narcotics, and obstruction.




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