Rubi Rose Speaks on Beef with Lala Baptiste Over Lil Tjay 😏😥

Rubi Rose Speaks on Beef with Lala Baptiste Over Lil Tjay

Rubi Rose sat with Angela Yee and discussed beef with Lala Baptiste over Lil Tjay.

Rose said “But I am cool with everybody but I only hang around with like my solid friend group in Atlanta”.

Rubi Rose on Lossing Best Friend

She added “I lost my best friend over (Lil TJ). That’s in the past but yeah.”  Angela Yee asked if Rubi Rose ever talked with Lala Baptiste after the incident and she said “Never! She will not be at the places that I’d be.” 

Blac Chyna also detailed her plastic surgery reversal experience with Angela Yee. Blac Chyna repliedI was just super sore but mind you I was under for eight and a half hours. That’s a long time even like um I know she kept asking me like kept well. when I got home she was like I kept checking on you because you was under so long. So what happened was the silicon kept clogging away with the utensils and the doctor was using every time it was clogging like this little balls and like all like some crazy stuff…” 

Don’t forget Blac Chyna also detailed what to do next after deactivating her OnlyFans account. Blac Chyna said “As far as like me deactivating it so I got baptized with my birthday. So I was reborn to my birthday at 2022 and just in my life in my mind and my body my soul. I’m like I know that God does not want me doing this and like I’m going to take a leap of faith.”

She continued, “And I just was like actually I called my pastor okay I was like pastor like I’m done living like this. You know, stay on the phone me I’m about to delete this is like oh baby I’m so proud of you I’m like thank you Bishop.”

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