Rick Ross Gets the Party Started with ‘B.M.F.’ Moves and Confirms Car Show Date!

Rick Ross refuses to let recent permit issues dampen his spirits as he forges ahead with his highly anticipated car show. In an exhilarating Instagram clip shared on Thursday (May 18), the renowned rapper showcased his impressive dance moves to the tune of his 2010 smash hit, “B.M.F.,” all while confirming that the car show is still on track.

“Watch me get off this bike! My Apologies, I’m excitement!!!! @rickrosscarshow & Rodeo, June 3rd,” Ross posted.

Watch his electrifying moves below.

Additionally, the artist reveled his plan to run for mayor in the upcoming elections.

“My love for Fayetteville is immeasurable. Next year, I’m launching a mayoral campaign,” he said in a separate video.

To assure his neighbors, Ross highlighted the positive community impact of the car show, suggesting that locals can capitalize on the event by charging parking fees.

“Just ponder the financial benefits we have brought to the community—beyond Fayette and Fulton, this extends far and wide,” he emphasized in an Instagram post on Thursday (May 18). “Airbnbs are skyrocketing, and on June 3, gas sales will surpass the cumulative sales of the past six months. Consider the financial empowerment that Rozay is bringing to the table.”

“It’s not too late to create your signs. For those in close proximity to the Promise Land, charge $100 per parking spot. For those further away, $50 will suffice. Come on, everyone! Do you want to make some money or not? We have car washes and countless opportunities ahead,” he concluded.



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