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Feud Escalates! Rick Ross Express Desire to Spank DJ Envy’s Wife with a Paddle

The feud between Rick Ross and DJ Envy has taken an unexpected turn, reaching new levels of rivalry. What initially seemed like playful banter has now turned into a full-blown clash. In a recent video promoting his upcoming car show on June 3, Ross took a jab at Envy, expressing his desire for DJ Envy’s wife to join him as his pickleball partner. However, the underlying implication was clear—Ross wanted to deliver a paddle-spanking to Envy’s wife.

Known for his tendency to push beef to extreme lengths, Rick Ross has a history of controversial feuds. Back in 2009, Ross unleashed an unprovoked diss aimed at 50 Cent, which went beyond mere verbal attacks. He stooped to the lowest levels of disrespect by involving 50’s baby mama drama, with allegations of her house burning down. In response, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather took matters further, featuring Rick Ross’ baby mama and their son in a video.

While Ross has finally secured the necessary permits for his Georgia car show, the clash of schedules with DJ Envy’s annual event has fueled their taunting exchanges. Playful jabs have transformed into serious digs, as Envy dedicates airtime on “The Breakfast Club” each morning to diss Ross, while Ross himself brandishes a paddle, indicating his desire for Envy’s wife, Gia, to face its wrath. The backlash against Ross has intensified, with many claiming he has crossed the line this time.





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