Freddie Gibbs Losing It: Baby Mom Spills the Beans to Akademiks

In an intriguing twist of events, Freddie Gibbs finds himself caught in a web of baby mom drama and ongoing beef with fellow DJ Akademiks. DJ Akademiks, notorious for his controversial interviews, recently sat down with Gibbs’ baby mama, revealing some jaw-dropping details.

Freddie Gibbs and academics have long been enemies, but things took a personal turn when academics interviewed Gibbs’ baby mom. It’s important to note that she is an explicit star known for her work on adult platforms. During the interview, she openly shares sensitive information, including paying Freddie Gibbs’ phone bill and her initial impression of him as a gangster. However, her perception changes when Gibbs suffered a beating in Buffalo, leading her to lose respect for him. This incident highlights the challenges of maintaining relationships, especially when image and social media wars come into play.

The baby mom’s revelations didn’t stop there. She expresses her discontent with Freddie’ online behavior, particularly his involvement in Twitter battles. Surprisingly, she views his virtual conflicts as a red flag.

See video below:



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