TK Kirkland Reveals How Jay-Z Ruined Beanie Sigel's Career Thinking He Would Surpass Jay-Z 😱😲

TK Kirkland Reveals How Jay-Z Ruined Beanie Sigel’s Career Thinking He Would Surpass Jay-Z

TK Kirkland revealed during The Art of Dialogue interview session how Jay-Z ruined Beanie Sigel’s career for fear that he would surpass him.

TK Kirkland said a music executive told him what Jay-Z did to Sigel. In his words, Kirkland said “Not in a bad way I am glad you brought that up. What happened was on on Rockefeller. I felt that Jay-Z Beanie Sigel was the shit. Shit here are they would only let Beanie Sigel only sell so many records. This came from an executive.” 

He added, “They would only let Beanie sell so many records and they wouldn’t push it no more. But been in the wouldn’t you couldn’t couldn’t be bigger than Jay-Z on Jay-Z’s label. if that makes any sense they wasn’t going to push you through here. That you couldn’t you couldn’t be bigger than Jay-Z. You couldn’t sell more records than Jay-Z but all you had to do was listen to Beanie Sigel shit and Beanie Sigel was oh my God.” 

TK Kirkland Reveals How Jay-Z Ruined Beanie Sigel’s Career Thinking He Would Surpass Jay-Z.

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Beanie Sigel Explains How He Met Jay-Z and Signed to Rock-a-Fella

Beanie Sigel Explains How He Met Jay-Z and Signed to Rock-a-Fella

Beanie Sigel during an interview with VladTV explained how he met Jay-Z and how he grew up in his South Philly neighborhood before he met Jay-Z. He talked about several things that happened which contributed to him meeting Jay-Z

When the host asked him about rapping in Philly before meeting Jay-Z and how his work was getting traction and building a buzz in Philly, Beanie Sigel said: “I mean and softly and my neighborhood for those because a lot of people didn’t know how to write so I didn’t have mixtape so none of that. You know it was just everything that you would do trying to get on a mighty did it once like want to rap showcase. 

“It was just neighborhood stuff like people in a neighborhood that was close to that new…” I was writing, I had a couple rounds on raps. I met my man murder Mill he really made me, like go hard.” 

He continued, “We came and we had two break-dancers, my cousin’s doing graffiti on stage, and we had a human beatboxer, and just every element of Hip Hop culture, except the DJ. We didn’t have a DJ ’cause we performed to cassette, but all the elements were represented, and we wound up taking the title that year, and I sort of never looked back since then.”

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Beanie Sigel Grabs the Mic to Clarify Report That Kanye West Owes HIM Over $50 Million

Kanye West has stated that he owes Beanie Sigel money for coining the Yeezy name.

According to Silge, Ye had promised him $50 million, plus 5% of the firm.

However, in a recent video shared by TMZ, Sigel stated that he was kidding and that instead of money, he’d want to do business with Kanye West.

“I did name him that. But as far as his business mind and where he took it, Kanye worked hard for his. Kanye don’t owe me nothing … I’m not even thinking about a number. But I would love to do some business when I can earn some money, because I’m an earner.”


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