Ice Cube Claims He Has The Greatest Diss Song Of All Time

Ice Cube Claims He Has The Greatest Diss Song Of All Time

Ice Cube, the West Coast rap legend, boldly asserts that he possesses the undisputed best diss song of all time. In an interview on the Earn Your Leisure podcast, Cube wasted no time in proclaiming, “No Vaseline” as the unparalleled battle anthem, leaving no room for debate.

Cube’s top five diss tracks include the relentless masterpieces by 2Pac, Nas, Boogie Down Productions, and Kool Moe Dee. Reflecting on his choices, he cited the scathing “Hit ‘Em Up,” the epic “Ether,” the classic “The Bridge Is Over,” and the impactful “Let’s Go.”

During a previous revelation on The Breakfast Club, Cube revealed the origins of “No Vaseline,” his 1991 diss track aimed at his former group, N.W.A. The song, which he claims knocked them down like bowling pins, emerged amidst escalating tensions. Cube’s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted album focused solely on his collaboration with Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad, without any mention of N.W.A. However, N.W.A responded with disses of their own, triggering Cube’s fierce retaliation with the iconic “No Vaseline,” a game-changing track that ignited the industry.

Released as part of his second solo album Death Certificate in October 1991, “No Vaseline” coincided with Dr. Dre’s departure from N.W.A., ultimately leading to the group’s disbandment.





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