B. Scott Details Beef with BET, Says All She Expected Was an Apology 😥😔

B. Scott Details Beef with BET, Says All She Expected Was an Apology

B. Scott co-host a section with The Breakfast Club show where she detailed her beef with BET. 

In her words Chloe said, “It was important for me to do the BET show. So the opportunity came about, um, shout out to big you know big Lena Waite. I call it bigly because she makes big things for herself. But also people um, she had shows on BET, she had Boomerang and she also had 20s. 

She continued, “But every time she will be talking about the 20s and stuff. A lot of the people would keep bringing up what BET did to me. You know, they would say like, you know the North still remembers like the Game of Thrones and so on. One thing led to another.”

“She was like B, how can we make this right because I want to make this right I’m in a position with BET now where I can bring you to the table and we can figure it out and. So she arrange a call with Scott Mills and her and myself and initially all I wanted was an apology.  All I ever wanted from the beginning of all of which is still we were wrong for doing this to you right I didn’t care about the show.” 

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