BlockWork Denies Snitching Allegations

BlockWork Denies Snitching Allegations

BlockWork featured on No Jumper podcast for the first time and talked about different things, including shedding more light about snitching allegations, beefing with almost every drill rapper in NYC, and so on. Adam22 and Flakko interviewed BlockWork. 

As the interview progressed, Flakko asked BlockWork to shed light about the snitching allegations and beefing with Sugar hill Keem. Flakko reminded BlockWork that the true later revealed which confirmed BlockWork as not snitching on anybody. Yet, Flakko asked him to speak on the matter. 

BlockWork said: “You know real shit, it was more, say, a money situation. Like I was in a situation with my men but he (SugarHill) could try quote unquote extort me.”

He continued, “so if me, me as a man you feel me, my pride, I don’t know, I did not…that you feel me and basically we went in to beef about about, you know, Patty Bill’s. Shit goes on the internet, the next day and put out BlockWork… we just came home and I just paid half your bill to come home and we all go we about to fight this case, we about to, like for me, you know, how the fuck did I snitch on you? We came home and shot music video together.”

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