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The Verzuz Battle Aftermath: Jim Jones’ Revelation About Contracting COVID-19

In a surprising twist following the intense Verzuz battle against The LOX, Jim Jones not only faced defeat but also found himself grappling with COVID-19.

Scheduled to make an appearance on the upcoming episode of Drink Champs, Capo shared a revealing teaser. He disclosed that immediately after the iconic Verzuz showdown in NYC in 2021, he tested positive for Covid for the very first time.

Confessing the ordeal, Jones stated,

“I caught Covid after the Verzuz,” Jones admitted. “That was the only time I got Covid. The LOX gave me Covid. On top of everything that night, they gave me Covid. I couldn’t win for nothing.”

Despite The LOX emerging victorious over Jimmy and Dipset on that memorable evening, all wasn’t doom and gloom for Jones during the pandemic’s peak.

While many individuals opted to remain indoors to steer clear of Covid’s reach, the Harlem native adopted a different approach. He dedicated himself to work even harder, orchestrating nearly 300 collaborations. This strategic move not only heightened his presence but also solidified his role as a prominent figure in the ever-evolving rap scene.

Elaborating on this, he expressed,

“Doing that putting me visibly all over because I did so many features like damn near 300 features and it was lucrative,” he added.

Justin Bieber Tests Positive For Covid 19

Justin Bieber Tests Positive For Covid 19

Justin Bieber tests positive for COVID-19 according to Billboard. Billboard made a confirmation with Justin Bieber’s representative. Consequently, the rapper has postponed the coming Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena concert that was scheduled for Feb 20. 

“Due to positive COVID results within the Justice Tour family, we will unfortunately have to postpone Sunday’s show in Las Vegas,” according to a statement on the venue’s website. “Justin is of course hugely disappointed. But the health and safety of his crew and fans is always his number one priority. The tour launch in San Diego was a massive success, and Justin is excited to bring this spectacular show to his Las Vegas fans as soon as possible.”

Justin Bieber’s show has now been rescheduled for June 28. The target for the initial date will be honored if tendered. Also, refunds will be available for whoever wills. 


We do not know yet if Bieber will be making other dates readjustments due to his Covid-19 diagnosis. Justin or any member of his team or family has not said anything about the development. 


The people were with Bieber have been advised to undergo quarantine for their safety.

Justin Bieber Tests Positive Covid 19. What are your  thoughts about it?

Nicki Minaj Talks About Ghostwriter Rumors

Nicki Minaj Mocked By PHLPublic Health

Nicki Minaj is mocked by  Philadelphia Public Health over swollen testicles claim. Last year, Nikki Minaj trend online in September when she released made an unproven claim about the Covid-19 vaccine. She said the vaccine allegedly made a cousin’s friend impotent. 

It was clear on Friday that The Public Health Department of Philadelphia had Nikki Minaj in mind by throwing a jab at her. 

Before Friday, Nicki Minaj tweeted, “Nothing like watching someone speak confidently about something they know nothing about.” 

However, Philly’s Public Health Department attempted to make Nikki Minaj feel bad by making her tweet on Thursday to contradict her cousin in Trinidad’s friend’s testicle story with an eyes emoji. 

Nicki minaj and Philadelphia public health department tweet


However, she reacted to the tweet on Friday (Feb 18) evening, “Philadelphia’s public health account is posting Nicki Minaj tweets for engagement,” she said. “They are attempting to shame ppl for advising others to PRAY, be COMFORTABLE & NOT BE BULLIED. I’ve never seen a vaccine trigger this amount of shaming & fear tactics have you?”

Rapper D-Bando Dies From COVID-19 Complications

Rapper D-Bando Dies From COVID-19 Complications

Rapper D-Bando Dies From COVID-19 Complications

Houston-based rapper and producer D-Bando, who has worked with artists such as Money Man and Lakeyah, dies of COVID-19 complications.

Bando [Darale Obando] died on January 5 after being hospitalized.

In Bando’s last Instagram post on November 27, He talked about putting the importance of others above yourself.


There is no information on Bando’s age or vaccination status.

RIP D-Bando!




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