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Cypress Hill Comments About Weeds

Cypress Hill released “Back In Black” which is their 10th studio album, on the 18th of March, which has the single “Open Ya Mind.” This track delved into the “governmental ambiguity” of permitting marijuana in America. This issue has been a serious battle that B-real, Sen Dog, Eric Bobo, and DJ Muggs have been contending for over 30 years.

Although marijuana has been permitted legally at the state level, it has not been legalized at the federal level. Cypress Hill said during a Zoom interview with HipHopDx that cannabis will benefit the country if permitted in the entire country.

“For us, it’s in music and in the messaging and the music platforms that we’ve been able to build with to get you information,” B-Real says. “There’s what? Nineteen, 20 states maybe that are recreational or medicinal or a combination of both? But we need the whole country to get down with this. It would be good for the country, economically it would create jobs and it would do a whole lot of healing”.

“I see it happening. When you got places like Florida, that are now embracing cannabis, New York, and places like that, that’s fucking incredible. You’re seeing it slowly but surely. I think eventually federally it’ll be completely legal and maybe inside of 10 years. Hopefully five. We’ll see. Salute to the freedom fighters, as we called them once, that put in the work to get us where we are now.”

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