Dame Dash Pleads for Child Support Cut Amidst $5,000 Income in 2022

Dame Dash Pleads for Child Support Cut Amidst $5,000 Income in 2022

Dame Dash Pleads for Child Support Cut Amidst $5,000 Income in 2022

Dame Dash, the Roc-A-Fella co-founder, is making headlines as he seeks to slash his child support payments, citing a meager 2022 income of just $5,000. In his custody battle with ex-wife Rachel Roy, he asserts his inability to sustain the current payments, proposing a reduced monthly sum of $428. Dash attributes his financial woes to unsuccessful business ventures, heavily impacted by the pandemic.

Dame Dash Pleads for Child Support Cut Amidst $5,000 Income in 2022

Despite being known as a savvy entrepreneur, Dash’s income plummeted, prompting a significant decrease in child support. Roy, however, challenges his claim, pointing to his continued stake in Roc-A-Fella Records and undisclosed business ventures. The court is yet to rule on this dispute. Intriguingly, Dash recently declared his intent to reclaim Roc-A-Fella during an interview, asserting his CEO status.

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Celebrity Gossips

Dame Dash Reveals Jay-Z's Exit Wrecks 'Rock-A-Fella'  🧐🤔

Dame Dash Reveals Jay-Z’s Exit Wrecks ‘Rock-A-Fella’ 

Dame Dash had an interview session where he revealed that Rock-A-Fella ended when Jay Z stopped playing it. 

Dame Dash said “I’m actually, I knew Rock-A-Fella was over when they stopped playing pools like they you know the other side was like kind of like we don’t do that no more. We grown like it’s over I was like you know no more college shirts. It was over.”

Dame Dash had earlier said Jay Z offered him $1.5 million to secure his stake in the Rock-A-Fella. He said, “When I was offered a certain amount of money for my interest in Roc-A-Fella Inc., which owns Reasonable Doubt, they offered me like $1.5 million. I was like, that’s some disrespectful shit. So, I guess I have to sell it someplace else.” 

He added, “What happened was, I got the lawsuit. ’Cause again, I got accused of doing something I didn’t to stop me from doing it, and then everybody just went missing.” So I had to deal with the lawsuit on my own. That fucked up. 

“But, from there, I guesss exploring all the things and having to understand the law of what I could and what I couldn’t do with the potential. If you read Bloomberg and all that, I set up a precedent for things that are moving forward. And then, I wanted to make a statement in that world.”

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