DaniLeigh Teases A New, Loyal Boyfriend

DaniLeigh Teases A New, Loyal Boyfriend

DaniLeigh Teases A New, Loyal Boyfriend

DaniLeigh’s personal life has never been kept a secret. The 27-year-old has had her fair share of squabbles with DaBaby, a rapper from North Carolina. Since 2020, the two parents have been spotted squabbling and loving one other on social media. The two have formally ended their nearly two-year rollercoaster relationship.

Dani is now free to be with anybody she wants, and she may already be boo’d up. People are asking questions when the singer of “Easy” uploaded a photo on her Instagram story. Dani smiled and tossed her hair for the camera while wearing a matching two-piece outfit. She said, “When u see bae being faithful [double heart emoji].”

Dani utilized her single, “Dead To Me,” to accompany the photo, in addition to implying that she has a new man.

The song is a diss tune directed towards her baby’s father, Da Baby, whose true name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, and was out on May 10th. Dani talked about her sour relationship with the rapper, including how no one in her family liked him, in the two-minute song.

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DaBaby In A Fresh Lawsuit for Assault

A lawsuit was reportedly filed against DaBaby by Brandon Bills, DaniLeigh’s brother. The lawsuit came about one week after a video showed DaBaby and his company physically assaulting Brandon Bills. 

According to TMZ, the charges against DaBaby include battery, negligence, fight for assault, and emotional distress. Bill said in the court documents that he was attacked by the rapper and his entourage. The incident happened when DaBaby and Bills met in the bowling alley. 

However, the rapper reacted to the assault footage by saying he acted in self-defense. The assault occurred at the Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California. After the assault, the authorities of the bowling alley banned DaBaby from the premises because of the dispute. 

Also, the local authorities said the rapper is under close investigation for carrying out an assault using a deadly weapon. The footage showed how the rapper kicked Bills in the head while he lay helplessly on the floor. 

The rapper and DaniLeigh had broken up last year and it made several headlines. According to DaniLeigh’s mother, the rapper and Dani’s relationship was a toxic one. This is just not the case with the relationship of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

What do you think about this lawsuit against the rapper?


DaniLeigh Is Accused of Assault After a Video of Her Fight With DaBaby Goes Viral THEURBANSPOTLIGHT.COM

DaniLeigh Is Accused of Assault After a Video of Her Fight With DaBaby Goes Viral

DaniLeigh, the mother of a young son, has been charged with two misdemeanor assaults following a heated confrontation with her child’s father DaBaby on Sunday.

DaniLeigh alleges that the conflict began after she purchased an emergency contraceptive for her North Carolina home and DaBaby “started filming her before accusing her of assault.”

DaBaby stated in one social media post that he has no desire to pursue charges against his kid’s mother — who is actually named Danielle Curiel — just for the purpose of getting her out of his house. DaniLeigh was nonetheless arrested as a result of it.

According to a statement from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on Rolling Stone, Danielle Curiel was issued a Criminal Summons for Simple Assault as part of the investigation. “Additional information provided to police led them to charge Danielle Curiel with a second count of Simple Assault from the incident that happened on November 14.”

What’s your opinion on DaBaby calling the cops on his kid’s mother?

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