DJ Whoo Kid Explains How He Got Eminem's Songs Leaked

DJ Whoo Kid Explains How He Got Eminem’s Songs Leaked

DJ Whoo Kid has leaked a lot of Eminem’s tracks over the years. Now, the Brooklyn native explains how he did it. DJ Whoo Kid was the latest guest on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin podcast. During the podcast, he talked about what he told Eminem when the rapper inquired about how he obtains some of his unreleased music.

DJ Whoo Kid Explains How He Obtains Unreleased Music.

“I’ll give you a quick one-on-one, I think I told Eminem personally this, but I never told nobody how we used to do it [leak songs],” Whoo said.

“On some oceans 11 sh*t, we’d be outside the studio, So four am in the morning, we get information on who’s in the studio. So Jay-Z, the whole Clique is in there. So we just hang out till like 6-7, till they come out and when they come out, we go in.”

He continued “Usually, the engineer is getting like seven dollars an hour, so we’d give him like $500 and they’ll give me like all the sessions. Not like the song, but you hear like ‘Jay-Z yo bring that back, yo f**k that, take this out’ like everything is in this session because he’ll record the whole sh*t. So then we come and take it we cypher through those daps. We had that dap machine, which would really pan all in the f**kin order. Like If you do your song, it pans your voice and it pans your song.”

“They were looking for me like crazy, like how did this get out so and I learned that from DJ Clue, he leaked “One More Chance”,” he responds on if he had beef from all that. “So the adrenaline rush of a guy like Biggie going on Hot 97 and talking about who’s DJ Clue, I’m gonna kill this motherf**ker.”

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