03 Greedo Speaks on Drakeo Dying While in Jail 

03 Greedo Speaks on Drakeo Dying While in Jail 

03 Greedo speaks about Drakeo dying while he was in Jail.  Greedo said this when he featured on the No Jumper Clips interview section with Adams22. 

You remember that the rapper recently faced a hot backlash for allegedly snitching. Young Thug’s sister began be whole drama and fired back when the rapper denied the snitching allegations. 

Young Thug’s sister said, “They suspended my ig everybody knows how I am about my brother lil Jeff I’ll defend that bitch whenever however. Shid if y’all boyfriends brothers bd uncle cousin nephew auntie sister whoever rated y’all gone stand behind them knowing damn well they wrong but y’all gone stand behind them.” 

She continued by showing she wondered how Boosie supported someone who Snitched. In her tweet, she said, “My head hurt so bad damn boosie what you got to say now he’s on your album but you don’t fuck with” 

She added, “The fact I went to richhomiequan concert he said free thug so many times come to find out you got a whole 30 Minutes recording telling damn.” 

She added, “Damn Atlanta. it’s okay to tell in your city.”

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Drakeo The Ruler Trends After His Tragic Death

Drakeo The Ruler Trends After His Tragic Death

Drakeo The Ruler Trends After His Tragic Death

LA rapper Drakeo The Ruler died on Saturday, December 18 after being stabbed to death at the Once Upon A Time festival. The rapper’s sudden death seems to have upset his fans because “Rip Drakeo” is now all the rage on Twitter and his name is mourned by many.

Darrell Caldwell aka Drakeo The Ruler has been booked for the festival at Exposition Park with Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and 50 Cent.

According to TMZ, the rapper engaged in a backstage brawl that resulted in serious injuries. He died of his injuries at the age of 28.

Fans are now flooding Twitter with tributes to the late rapper. “RIP Drakeo The Ruler, It’s Crazy Seeing Artists You Mess With The Most Getting Killed,” one user wrote. Another user wrote: “Brother I hate this world we live in.

This is not the first time that a rapper has been murdered in his hometown. Young Dolph was recently shot dead in Memphis.

It’s heartbreaking to see a man who’s been through so much with the system defeating his business and then getting killed in his own town, ”said one fan, referring to rappers who have died in his hometown.

A video in which Boosie Badazz talks about violence against musicians is also going viral. In this video, he explains how he thinks people kill performers out of jealousy.

It’s really scary how our musicians are exposed to this violence. The justice system has repeatedly failed to protect them from such violence. From now on, we can only hope that justice will be served soon.

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