Travis Scott Turns Up For "F.N.F." By Glorilla

Travis Scott Turns Up For “F.N.F.” By Glorilla

Travis Scott Turns Up For “F.N.F.” By Glorilla

Glorilla, a rapper from Memphis, has quickly revolutionized the hip-hop scene with her smash single “F.N.F.” It didn’t take long after it began to go viral on social media for thousands of people throughout the nation to start hearing it on the radio. She was able to get her teeth fixed because to the success of the song, and she also got to sign with Yo Gotti’s label, Collective Music Group (commonly known as CMG).

The song is being played over and again by fans as well as some well-known people in the business. Travis Scott, a rapper and producer, was seen dancing at a club to the bass-heavy beat of the song. Travis raced in place and hummed his shoulders up and down to the music as it blared from the speakers.

Travis turning up to Glorilla is a whole mood, according to the video’s commentary, which included laughing emojis. Hundreds of people appear to concur with that assertion. People couldn’t wait to comment and hype up the father of two when The Neighborhood Talk posted the video on their platforms.

One person wrote, “And Travis is me when this song comes on.” added one more, “Lol. I have never seen him this carefree. It looks good on him.” Plenty of others chimed in saying, “Let’s Goooo,” a well-known line from the song’s lyrics.

Recently, the baby mother of the Cactus Jack Records recording artist, Kylie Jenner, seemed to imply that she would like to have additional children with him. Jenner slipped in his comments after posting his tantrum and threw multiple pregnant woman emojis.

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