50 Cent's Reaction to Guilty Verdict in Jam Master Jay Murder Trial

50 Cent’s Reaction to Guilty Verdict in Jam Master Jay Murder Trial

50 Cent’s Reaction to Guilty Verdict in Jam Master Jay Murder Trial

50 Cent took to Instagram to share his reaction to the recent guilty verdict in the Jam Master Jay murder trial. With a shrug emoji, he simply wrote, “Welp, that’s all folks. R.I.P Jam Master Jay.” Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington, the defendants, were found guilty on all counts, facing a minimum of 20 years in prison.

50 Cent’s Reaction to Guilty Verdict in Jam Master Jay Murder Trial

Prosecutors allege Jay acquired 22 pounds of cocaine, sparking a deadly scheme by Jordan and Washington. They ambushed Jay in a recording studio on October 30, 2002, ending his life with two fatal gunshots.

United States Attorney Breon Peace stated, “More than two decades after they killed Jason Mizell… Jordan and Washington have finally been held accountable for their cold-blooded crime driven by greed and revenge.”

Immortal Technique, reflecting on Jam Master Jay’s legacy, hailed him as “one of the first heavyweights” who believed in him, highlighting his kindness and integrity.

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Beyonce’s Cousin Murderer Found Guilty and Sentenced To 55-Year in Prison

Beyonce’s Cousin Murderer Found Guilty and Sentenced To 55-Year in Prison 🔒 🚨

In a gripping turn of events, Sasha Skare, the woman accused of fatally shooting Beyonce’s cousin, Martell DeRouen, in 2021, has been found guilty and subsequently sentenced to 55 years in prison. The trial, which began earlier this week, saw a plethora of compelling evidence stacked against Skare, including security footage and witness testimonies.

The jury’s deliberation lasted approximately two hours, culminating in a resounding guilty verdict. The courtroom was tense as the verdict was announced, yet Skare remained impassive throughout the proceedings.

Martell DeRouen, an emerging 34-year-old rapper known by his stage name, Kardone, tragically lost his life due to a confrontation with Skare at his apartment in 2021. The incident began as a verbal altercation, leading DeRouen to request Skare’s departure. Subsequently, security cameras in the building captured Skare pacing through the corridors with a firearm in hand. Reports indicate that she fired a single shot through DeRouen’s door, with neighbors attesting to hearing both the gunshot and loud banging on the door. A resident living across the hall corroborated these events, stating that she witnessed Skare pounding on DeRouen’s door just before the fatal shot rang out.

During the trial, an audio recording of a 911 call made by Skare played a pivotal role. In the call, she identified herself as Joia, DeRouen’s wife, and claimed to be locked out of the apartment with injuries. However, Joia refuted the authenticity of the call, stating that Skare had mispronounced her last name and provided incorrect details about DeRouen, including his age.

In a stunning twist, Skare had declined a plea deal prior to the trial, which would have resulted in a 20-year prison sentence. Instead, she now faces a daunting 55-year prison term. Following the announcement of Skare’s guilty verdict, Kami, DeRouen’s sister, delivered a poignant victim impact statement. She expressed the excruciating pain and anguish inflicted upon her family and admonished Skare, stating,

“Fix your sheets, if you have any, because you’ve made your bed and now it’s time for you to lay in it.”

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