Boosie Badazz music video turns into a gun shooting

On 29th May 2021 Boosie was in Huntsville, Alabama shooting a music video when a 22-year-old suspect by the name Christopher Freeman started shooting on a crowd in Boosie’s presence. The shooting took place at around 5:00 p.m. A 20 year old victim of the shooting by the name Randall Strong died after being taken to hospital in a very critical condition. The suspect is said to have turned himself in the following day. Boosie shared a tweet that same day telling his fans that no one was trying to kill him and people should stop spreading lies on him.

     This is not the first time the rapper is caught up in crime related issues. Boosie came to light in 2003 when he released his first collab album with artist Webbie known as the Ghetto stories. He later released another collaboration album the following year called Gangsta Musik. In 2006 he released his first solo album called Bad Azz.

    He was doing good in music until 2009 when things started going bad for him. He was sentenced to 4 years in jail for possession with marijuana and also violating probation. After 2 years he confessed to trying to sneak drugs in the prison. He was added eight more years to his previous sentence. His fans believed that the sentence was unfair which led to a campaign called #FreeBoosie. He served five years and was later released in 2014.

      He admitted that jail made him smarter business wise. There is no arguing on this because Boosie owns a couple of investments today. He is an entrepreneur who has ventured in the food and alcohol industry not to mention he is a crowd performer. Things got worse for him in 2015 when the rapper started to experience some illness. His doctor performed some tests and revealed that he had Kidney cancer. The news came as a shock and he had to take another test somewhere else but it turned out to be true after all.

    He underwent a surgery the following month and luckily it came out successful. Thirty percent of his kidney was removed. He is a true survivor. He has been battling diabetes and cancer since then. He said in an interview that he likes to live his life like tomorrow is not promised. Despite the health issues, he is still so focused in life and doing everything possible to support his family.   




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