Ice T Talks on Beef with Soulja Boy Back in the Day

Ice T Talks on Beef with Soulja Boy Back in the Day

Ice T featured on the Drink Champs interview session where he talked about beef with Soulja Boy. 

While speaking on the demise of TuPac, Ice T said, “Absolutely. When I first met ‘Pac and Money-B and all them, it was Digital Underground, so you got Shock G who’s a hundred percent different. I didn’t even recognize ‘Pac as militant or nothing like that, just as a dancer, friend, cool.

He added, “And when he came out, I was like, ‘Yo, that’s the same dude!’ But I couldn’t disrespect him because his lyrics were deep, and I got to work on [Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…] — me, him and Cube on ‘Last Wordz.’”

He continued, “So what people don’t understand is, I love ‘Pac. But he’s an artist to me, he was just another artist. People are like, ‘Pac is a God!’ But ‘Pac is an artist. We were friends.”

He also talked about Shock G. Ice T said,  “I had a story where Shock G came to my house. I lived in the Hollywood Hills, Shock came to my door. I said, ‘Why the fuck you knocking on my door?’ He said, ‘I was up in the Hills, I asked does any Black people live up here.’ They said, ‘Ice lives right over there.’ So Shock knocked on my door.

“We sat down and he was like, ‘Ice, talk to ‘Pac, man. They feeding ‘Pac gunpowder. ‘Pac is not listening to me.’”

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