Latto's Twerking Stuns Young Fan, Leaving Him Speechless

Latto’s Twerking Stuns Young Fan, Leaving Him Speechless

Latto, known for captivating grown men and women alike, recently had a profound impact on a young fan who witnessed her electrifying performance.

During one of her concerts, a fan managed to capture a video of the talented rapper twerking on stage. Although the exact date of the recording remains unknown, the footage reveals Latto confidently displaying her twerking skills, causing quite a stir.

The camera then shifts to a young pre-teen boy whose jaw nearly hits the floor as he watches the mesmerizing display by the alluring female artist.

In 2016, Latto, previously known as “Miss Mulatto,” gained widespread recognition when she emerged as the winner of the reality competition show, The Rap Game, as first reported by HipHopDX. Although she was offered a contract with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def label, the renowned producer recently disclosed that Latto opted for a different path.

Addressing the criticism surrounding his decision, Jermaine Dupri explained during the Lovers & Friends festival on May 6, “I released Latto’s record. Winning The Rap Game entitled her to a single from Jermaine Dupri. We put that single out.”

He further elaborated, “The challenge was that Latto was just 16 years old, and the industry didn’t support it. No one talked about it. It wasn’t until she embraced a more explicit image and released adult-themed songs that people started taking notice.”

Watch the video below.

Bow wow Disregards his albums

Bow Wow Disregards His Albums, Floors Jermaine Dupri

Bow Wow is now working on his final album prior to his retirement from the hiphop industry. The rapper recently received some questions from his fans which he amswered accordingly. During the Q&A session, he talked down his entire catalogue. He was asked about his most favorite album. 

Bow Wow’s answer was not expected. He answered, “Dont care for any of my albums, Dont have a fav song. Really dont care about em like yall do”. To be sure he heard the question right, the question was asked him again. He responded, “None of them. They all mid. Yall think im playing but im dead forreal.” 

Bow Wow Disregards His Albums

However, one of the fans responded that Bow Wow’s 2009 Jermaine Dupri collab “Roc The Mic” was his best single. The rapper responded: “Roc the mic WACK. Wanted album mid to me. This is my opinion tho. All my albums mid. Just saying. Just because i did them dont mean i like em”.

Answering another question, the rapper said “When people say they gone do something and never do it. Jermaine dupri is the king of doing that. Yall know me and jd be bad terms and good terms. It is what it is.”  

When asked about the song he’s most proud of, he said: “Ima flirt. Because it was w out jd. And it went number one w out jd. And i wrote it w out jd. My whole career i had to over prove to folks im not to be played w, It was like kobe winning w out shaq. Even jd told me ‘if u think u can do it w out me THEN DO IT’ welp i did”.

Talking about Snoop Dogg, he said Snoop remains a blessing to you. “Snoop is the best thing that happen to me. If it was t for him none of yall would know me. Thats the only big homie i got. He gave me a chance. Everyone else was just add ons to what we had started,” Bow Wow wrote.

What do you think of Bow Wow’s opinion of himself? Let us know in the comments. 




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