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Jim Jones Talks About Reuniting Dipset for a New Album and the Key Partnership Needed

In an exclusive interview, Jim Jones delves into the possibility of a Dipset reunion, shedding light on what it would take to make it happen. As the Harlem rapper sat down with Drink Champs, he openly discussed the group’s journey through the years and the potential for a triumphant return to the studio.

Asked about the prospects of a new Dipset album, N.O.R.E. inquired whether Jimmy, Cam’ron, and Juelz Santana could unite for a musical project. Jim Jones expressed optimism, indicating that a proper leader and the right partnership could pave the way for a fresh album.

“I ain’t gonna lie, if it was a perfect world and I could have things my way…” Jim Jones remarked. “For me this is just how I see it. Partnering up with the right person, whether it be a label or person who has an invested interest to see us win. And once we have a sound blueprint of that, and not to say it’s about the money. But money makes this s**t move when it comes to doing music.

Expanding on the thought, Jim continued,

“There’s a certain aesthetic that we wanna see and a type of sound the people wanna hear, and we ain’t trying to cheat the people with things like that and I think a lot of that has been going on in the past years of us doing this Diplomat installments because we’re so used to this whole independent layout. But I think that we put so much work in things like that that I think the people deserve a real Diplomat.”

In the early 2000s, The Diplomats forged a strong connection with Roc-A-Fella after the label signed Cam’ron and released his iconic third studio album, “Come Home with Me.” The album’s resounding success, certified platinum and debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, solidified the group’s link with JAY-Z’s label. Their influence burgeoned, crowned by their groundbreaking debut album, “Diplomatic Immunity,” in 2003—a pinnacle marked by the chart-topping “Dipset Anthem.”

Throughout the years, The Diplomats have intermittently reunited for electrifying live performances and collaborative projects, but hasn’t presented an official studio album.

The Verzuz Battle Aftermath Jim Jones Revelation About Contracting COVID 19 THEURBANSPOTLIGHT.COM

The Verzuz Battle Aftermath: Jim Jones’ Revelation About Contracting COVID-19

In a surprising twist following the intense Verzuz battle against The LOX, Jim Jones not only faced defeat but also found himself grappling with COVID-19.

Scheduled to make an appearance on the upcoming episode of Drink Champs, Capo shared a revealing teaser. He disclosed that immediately after the iconic Verzuz showdown in NYC in 2021, he tested positive for Covid for the very first time.

Confessing the ordeal, Jones stated,

“I caught Covid after the Verzuz,” Jones admitted. “That was the only time I got Covid. The LOX gave me Covid. On top of everything that night, they gave me Covid. I couldn’t win for nothing.”

Despite The LOX emerging victorious over Jimmy and Dipset on that memorable evening, all wasn’t doom and gloom for Jones during the pandemic’s peak.

While many individuals opted to remain indoors to steer clear of Covid’s reach, the Harlem native adopted a different approach. He dedicated himself to work even harder, orchestrating nearly 300 collaborations. This strategic move not only heightened his presence but also solidified his role as a prominent figure in the ever-evolving rap scene.

Elaborating on this, he expressed,

“Doing that putting me visibly all over because I did so many features like damn near 300 features and it was lucrative,” he added.

Jim Jones Shades Pusha T; Says He's Not in His Top 50😳😲🤯

Jim Jones Shades Pusha T; Says He’s Not in His Top 50😳😲🤯

Jim Jones featured on The Breakfast Club show where they talked about not wanting to become like Pusha T.

In his words, Tim Jones said “Well and shout out to Pusha T. I love you so much though. You’re not in my top 50. You might be in Charlemagne’s top 50 and things like that. But you are but you haven’t done that much for me in my life. Like I don’t never want to be like Pusha T. Like I didn’t never, I never had a Pusha T moment in my life. I never do like you did like where I am from, niggas want to be like you know” 

Jess Hilarious featured recently on the show and talked about her her ex,. Kountry Wanye lying about their relationship.

Wanye featured on The Breakfast Club show where he talk about his relationship with Jess Hilarious. Kountry said “I have been a relationship but nobody ever love.” DJ Envy asked the reason why they leave him and Kountry said “Because I, you know, I’m tired I’m in least she got a brand but I am but not I never got left in my life.” 

Jess Hilarious featured on the show and disputed everything Wanye said. She noted that Kountry lied about their relationship.

During a phone conversation Wanye, Jess said she would play loyal and that Kountry Wanye lied. 

Remember that Jess Hilarious replied Master P recently after he called her $15k claim a joke. When she appeared on the Breakfast Club, she said “Ayo, nah, I ain’t read this part. He’s like, ‘She’s just joking, she be playing, y’all know her. She was joking about a second check that was never in her contract. That’s the narrative they ran with for clickbait and fake headlines. Thank God for receipts!”

What do you think? Kindly let us know in the comments section..

Jim Jones' Mom Taught Him The French Kiss

Jim Jones’ Mom Taught Him The French Kiss

Jim Jones’ Mom Taught Him The French Kiss

Jim Jones recently did the Angela Yees Lip Service podcast where Yee enjoys talking about sexual issues.

Jim Jones reviewed her sexual history, which began when his mother taught him how to kiss the French way.

“She taught me how to tongue-kiss. It wasn’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth,” Jones revealed. “That’s my mother. “She showed me her tongue-kiss when I was younger. My mom was seventeen when she had me, she was a baby. Look at all the babies that’s having babies now and look how they act with their babies, it’s like they have a little sister or brother more than they have a child.”

Jones went on to explain how he lost his virginity. And no, his mother had nothing to do with it.

Freddie Gibbs Shows Signs Of Life After Suspected Jim Jones Attack

Freddie Gibbs Shows Signs Of Life After Suspected Jim Jones Attack

Freddie Gibbs Shows Signs Of Life After Suspected Jim Jones Attack

Much to the delight of DJ Akademiks, Jim Jones’s crew fought Freddie Gibbs’s crew in Miami last night, with eyewitnesses saying Capo got the better of Gangsta Gibbs.

How much better is in doubt because this morning Gibbs shot a video in the airport in which the Gary, Indiana spitter looks none the worse for wear.

“Come on baby, it’s me, the rabbit,” Gibbs said with nary a bruise on his face.

The word was Gibbs got hit in the face by Jones and members of Jones’s crew.

Given what he looks like, does that now sound like cap?

Freddie Gibbs Beaten Down By Jim Jones & His Crew

Freddie Gibbs Beaten Down By Jim Jones & His Crew

Freddie Gibbs Beaten Down By Jim Jones & His Crew

It is said on the internet that the crew of Jim Jones and Freddie Gibb had an argument over Prime 112 in Miami.

Jones and his company were about leaving when Gibbs and his team stepped in. When Capo saw Freddie, he confronted him for speaking out boldly about him.

One led to the other, and someone with Jones slapped Gibbs in the face.

Eyewitnesses say Jones also fought with Gibbs and Freddie’s bodyguard was beaten to the ground.

Jones and Gibbs have been struggling for at least eight years. Tekashi 6ix9ine even suggested that Nine Treys recorded a Gibbs show in Brooklyn in 2014 on behalf of Capo.

Not a word from Jones or Gibbs on this latest incident.




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