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Rapper Lil Theze Was Shot Dead While Attempting To Carjack A Retired Police Officer

Lil Theze, a rapper from Vallejo, California, was murdered. After attempting to carjack a retired cop, Lil Theze of Vallejo, California was shot and killed. In Vallejo, California, former Oakland police captain Ersie Joyner shot SOB x RBE associate.

On October 21, at approximately 1 P.M., a Chevron gas station near 1700 Castro St. was the site of a shooting.

Police sources confirmed that the victim of the robbery was Joyner, who led the department’s Ceasefire anti-violence program from 2013 until his retirement as a captain in 2019.

According to police, Joyner was filling up his vehicle when three males, including Theze, came upon him. They swiped his phone and began rummaging through his pockets. Until they opened his car door and went for his backpack, Joyner wasn’t struggling with the men. He then retrieved his firearm and shot Theze dead.

In turn, this triggered a shootout between two of the surviving suspects and Joyner. The two remaining suspects fled the area after the shooting. At that time, Joyner was hit six times. He was taken to a local hospital following the accident, where he is currently recuperating. As for Theze, he died on the scene. His identify was kept under wraps while verification of next-of-kin notification was completed.

“He was lawfully permitted to carry a weapon,” said Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong at a press conference. “They approached him while he was pumping gas and began to steal his belongings,” he added. During the crime, shots were fired, and both victims were shot.”

Mr. Armstrong stated that the investigators are looking for a black four-door vehicle that was seen fleeing the scene. He refused to name a manufacturer or model, however. No arrests were made public.




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