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50 Cent Accused of Injuring Fan During Angry Mic Toss Incident

50 Cent Accused of Injuring Fan During Angry Mic Toss Incident

50 Cent is now facing accusations of causing injuries to a female fan during a recent concert mishap. The incident occurred when frustration got the better of him and he threw his microphone in an uncontrolled manner, accidentally striking the woman in the face.

The renowned G-Unit mogul took to the stage at Los Angeles’ Arena on a Wednesday evening (August 30) as part of his much-anticipated Final Lap Tour. The event was teeming with excitement due to surprise appearances by industry heavyweights like Nas, YG, and DaBaby. However, amidst the energetic atmosphere, 50 Cent’s mood turned sour as he repeatedly received malfunctioning microphones.

In a series of photos and a video captured, it becomes evident that the artist was becoming visibly irritated by the persistent technical glitches, all while YG was performing alongside him.

In a moment of frustration, 50 Cent threw two broken microphones into the crowd on separate occasions. Tragically, one of these errant throws ended up striking a woman in the head.

The images in question depict Bryhana Monegain, a notable radio personality from Power 106, sporting a cut on her forehead with telltale blood stains on her face.

TMZ reported that a close source to 50 Cent revealed that Monegain “wasn’t authorized to be within the restricted area,” emphasizing that the rapper’s action wasn’t intentionally directed at her.

The situation regarding Monegain’s potential legal actions remains uncertain. As of now, 50 Cent has not issued any statements addressing these allegations.

In the world of urban entertainment and hip-hop, unforeseen incidents like these can often take center stage, leaving fans and spectators astonished by the unexpected turns of events.

In the vibrant tapestry of the hip-hop scene, 50 Cent’s mishap serves as a reminder that even in the midst of star-studded performances, the raw emotions and unscripted moments can sometimes steal the spotlight.





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