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Feud Escalates! Rick Ross Express Desire to Spank DJ Envy’s Wife with a Paddle

The feud between Rick Ross and DJ Envy has taken an unexpected turn, reaching new levels of rivalry. What initially seemed like playful banter has now turned into a full-blown clash. In a recent video promoting his upcoming car show on June 3, Ross took a jab at Envy, expressing his desire for DJ Envy’s wife to join him as his pickleball partner. However, the underlying implication was clear—Ross wanted to deliver a paddle-spanking to Envy’s wife.

Known for his tendency to push beef to extreme lengths, Rick Ross has a history of controversial feuds. Back in 2009, Ross unleashed an unprovoked diss aimed at 50 Cent, which went beyond mere verbal attacks. He stooped to the lowest levels of disrespect by involving 50’s baby mama drama, with allegations of her house burning down. In response, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather took matters further, featuring Rick Ross’ baby mama and their son in a video.

While Ross has finally secured the necessary permits for his Georgia car show, the clash of schedules with DJ Envy’s annual event has fueled their taunting exchanges. Playful jabs have transformed into serious digs, as Envy dedicates airtime on “The Breakfast Club” each morning to diss Ross, while Ross himself brandishes a paddle, indicating his desire for Envy’s wife, Gia, to face its wrath. The backlash against Ross has intensified, with many claiming he has crossed the line this time.

DJ Envy and Rick Ross Engage in Fiery Car Show Feud Whats Really Happening 1 THEURBANSPOTLIGHT.COM

Rick Ross Fires Back at DJ Envy After His Hilarious Jab!

The sparks are flying as DJ Envy and Rick Ross engage in a heated rivalry, and things just got even more intense! During a recent episode of “The Breakfast Club,” Envy took a playful jab at Ross by mocking him as a correctional officer. With both artists gearing up to host their own car shows, the tension between them continues to escalate.

Envy couldn’t help but taunt Ross, stating, “I could tell he was rattled,” highlighting Ross’ visible reaction to his remarks over the weekend. To inject humor into the situation, Envy even made a bold fashion statement, showing up on set dressed in a correctional officer uniform, aiming to lighten the mood. He also playfully teased Ross about his connection to a prison warden in Miami.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ross swiftly fired back at Envy on his Instagram Story. In a video response, Ross playfully suggested that after the interview, he wants Envy and his crew to join him for a unique pool experience—pool number 2! And this time, Ross has a special request: he wants Envy and his boys to set up a DJ booth and showcase their breakdancing skills.

Ross’s clever taunt concludes with a lighthearted jab, adding a comedic twist to the heated feud.

DJ Envy and Rick Ross Engage in Fiery Car Show Feud - What's Really Happening

DJ Envy and Rick Ross Engage in Fiery Car Show Feud: What’s Really Happening?

In a heated exchange that has caught the attention of hip-hop enthusiasts, DJ Envy and Rick Ross have engaged in a war of words regarding their respective car shows. The feud, which unfolded on various platforms including the Drink Champs podcast, has taken a personal turn, with both artists taking jabs at each other’s character and business ventures.

The feud began when Rick Ross made remarks about DJ Envy’s car show on Drink Champs, suggesting that Envy would never reach his level. Ross also mentioned his own car show and claimed that it was superior because it honored his deceased friends. DJ Envy responded passionately, defending his car show’s community-oriented approach and the affordable ticket prices that aim to make the event accessible to families.

While the back-and-forth continued, it’s important to note that both DJ Envy and Rick Ross have made significant contributions to their communities through their car shows. DJ Envy emphasizes the importance of providing opportunities and discounts to those who may have otherwise been unable to participate. On the other hand, Rick Ross has created an extravagant event that showcases his love for cars and pays tribute to his fallen comrades.

See some video posted by Rick Ross

The clash between DJ Envy and Rick Ross has sparked a larger conversation about the purpose of car shows and the motivations behind them. As fans weigh in on this contentious topic, we invite you to share your thoughts and opinions. Do you believe that car shows should primarily focus on community engagement, or do you support a more exclusive and lavish approach? Join the discussion below and let your voice be heard!




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