50 Cent Trolls Benzino In Response To Shauna Brooks' Diss Track

50 Cent Trolls Benzino In Response To Shauna Brooks’ Diss Track

50 Cent Trolls Benzino In Response To Shauna Brooks’ Diss Track

50 Cent and Benzino are back at it. The two music artists have been feuding for a while, and a recent diss track teased by transgender model Shauna Brooks has further fueled Fif’s fire.

The social media celebrity posted a sneak peek of her new song on Thursday night. Which she takes aim at the father of two after his vicious online attacks against her. “The real industry secret, bitch,” Brooks dubs herself at the beginning before going in on her enemy on a song that she’s called “Zino vs. The World… Real T.”

“I was getting some head from Benzino, no neck / He was all on my line, I could show you the texts,” she raps. “He was begging for help / Love it when they go clap / He be loving on this ass / I be throwing it back.”

Brooks’ complete two-and-a-half-minute track is on his YouTube profile. And 50 Cent couldn’t help but mock Benzino once he found out.

Fif shared on his Instagram page, he wrote, “Oh shit she better [than] @iambenzino_ Shauna shit sounding fire, he know he want this ass.”

Benzino appears to have shut down his own Instagram page as of the time of writing. Brooks claimed at the end of last month that the Boston-born entertainer encouraged her to join him and a stripper for a threesome. But she declined due to his sloppy behavior.

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