Teens Cause Chaos At Clippers' New $2 Billion Arena

Teens Cause Chaos At Clippers’ New $2 Billion Arena

Teens Cause Chaos At Clippers’ New $2 Billion Arena

A pair of teens caused mayhem at the L.A. Clippers’ future home.

Last week, two teenagers posted a TikTok video showing them breaking into the Los Angeles Clippers’ new arena, the Intuit Dome, in Inglewood, California, according to KTLA.

In the footage, the teens climbed an orange ladder to enter the under-construction arena. Inside, they wandered through the empty halls and bleachers, even playing basketball on the incomplete court. One of the suspects, sporting Los Angeles Lakers pajama pants and Crocs, tried to dunk using work buckets and sprayed a fire extinguisher at the hoop.

Teens Cause Chaos At Clippers’ New $2 Billion Arena

Later, the two were seen climbing onto a bridge in the rafters, eventually reaching the roof. They posed for panoramic shots of the city skyline, which they included in their TikTok post with the caption “Breaking into Clippers stadium,” along with NBA-related hashtags like “Clippers,” “Lakers,” and “LeBron James.”

Inglewood Mayor James E. Butts confirmed that the teens and their parents were identified.

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Controversial Move - Sexyy Red Faces Backlash for Sharing TikTok from Convicted Murderer

Controversial Move – Sexyy Red Faces Backlash for Sharing TikTok from Convicted Murderer

Controversial Move – Sexyy Red Faces Backlash for Sharing TikTok from Convicted Murderer

In her latest track “FREE MY N*GGA,” Sexyy Red witnesses the song’s viral surge on TikTok. Fans creatively repurpose the lyrics, but controversy arises when a TikTok user linked to a murder case incorporates the song into a video. This user, part of the infamous “E and J Gang” couple account, faced legal consequences for a Georgia murder last year.

Controversial Move – Sexyy Red Faces Backlash for Sharing TikTok from Convicted Murderer

Sexyy Red’s tweet sharing the video with the caption “Free Dat!!” sparked criticism online. Commenters urged her to reconsider, questioning her awareness of the man’s criminal history. Yet, some defended Red, citing a double standard within the hip-hop community, where calls for freedom for individuals with criminal backgrounds are not uncommon.

Opinions are divided, with fans expressing contrasting views on social media. Some emphasize the hypocrisy of condemning Red while overlooking similar instances in the hip-hop world. What’s your take on Sexyy Red sharing a video of a murder convict performing her new track? Share your thoughts below.

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McDonald's Drink Machine

McDonald’s Drink Machine Infested By Worm In Viral TikTok Video – Watch

McDonald’s Drink Machine Infested By Worm In Viral TikTok Video – Watch

TikToker captures worm infestation in McDonald’s drink machine in viral video.

A video of a McDonald’s vending machine went viral after it was revealed that a worm infestation had appeared inside.

The video was originally uploaded by TikTok user Mcoldkentroad. She showed several worms in the sewers of machines at a McDonald’s on Kent Road in south London.

Users mistook the worms for maggots. But a statement from the fast food chain confirmed that they were in fact earthworms that lived in the machines.

“We take cleanliness and hygiene extremely seriously. We immediately closed the drinks station and our hygiene team identified the cause of the issue which was fixed before a deep clean was carried out. The area was inspected by external specialists and no drinks were served to customers until we were sure that the issue was fully resolved.”

@queenreenthe1st#duet with @mcoldkentroad no more drinks for me #vendingmachines #drinkmachine #nomoredrinks #fyp

♬ original sound

The spokesperson also noted that this was not a worm infestation, but an isolated incident on the spot.

However, the video has been viewed over 400,000 times on TikTok. Several McDonalds employees say the worm infestation is a serious health hazard.

Who Want Smoke

Who Want Smoke: Over 50 Students Have Been Suspended For The “Who Want Smoke” Challenge

The “Who Want Smoke” challenge is one of the latest social media phenomena to have swept the nation. It was inspired by the Nardo Wick track.

In the challenge video, challengees tend to hold their phones and other objects like prop guns.

However, the craze has been deemed as dangerous by academics. They say it’s not funny and kids will take it as a joke to use real guns in their challenge.

As a result, around 50 students at West Creek High School in Clarksville, Tennessee, have been suspended for participating in the activity.

The student was suspended after school officials deemed his movements a “threat,” believing they were sending the threat toward another institution.

Police arrived at the school to inform them about their five-day out-of-school suspensions.

I know some parents would be confused as to why students were being punished for posting their challenges online.

However, it is a school. Therefore, they should not tolerate any activities that could cause harm or negatively impact students’ learning environment.

Above all, iIt is important that students who participated in the “Who Want Smoke” challenge learn a lesson from their actions.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


TikToker Claims That She Allows Her Husband To Sleep With Her Sister And Mother

In a viral video seen by over 4.5 million TikTok users, a TikTok user informs her audience that she shares her husband with her mother and little sister, which she appears to be proud of as she boasts about the act on social media.

The TikTok video uploaded by Brookmaklin213 has garnered more than 3,000 comments from confused TikTok users.

Brookmaklin213’s TikTok video has over 3,000 comments from perplexed TikTok users, and has been viewed more than 1 million times.

@brookmacklin213 My life don’t judge #fypツ #swingerlifestyle #hotmom ♬ original sound – brookmacklin213

In a series of films, the TikToker claims that not only does she share her spouse with her mother, but also her sister.

In a second video, the woman is seen on camera with her claimed sister. “Do you know how I keep my husband happy?” asks TikToker. “I let him play with my little sister,” she adds. She closed the video by stating, “Yes, I’m that kind of wife”

@brookmacklin213 Facts #fypシ #viral #hotwife ♬ original sound – brookmacklin213

The woman who stated she “allows her husband to have her [mother] a couple of times a week” caused controversy and misunderstanding among TikTok users. The video’s caption read, “My life doesn’t judge me.”

A lot of TikTok users have been commenting on the video.

“You’re the kind of wife who allows her husband to sleep with anybody he wants,” one TikTok user sneered. “I guess you’re a doormat type of wife since he gets to sleep with whoever he chooses.”

“What happens if one gets pregnant… you’ll have a brother, sister, niece or nephew, but also a stepchild.” Another user wrote on TikTok.




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