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Singer R. Kelly Also Accused of Abusing a 17 Year Old Boy

The indictment against the American singer R. Kelly has been expanded with several victims. He allegedly abused a 17-year-old boy in 2006.

American R&B singer R. Kelly is now also suspected of abusing an underage boy. In addition, he also asked a woman to arrange child pornography for him. American media reported this on Sunday , based on documents submitted to the court.

The charges against Kelly, who is suspected of abusing multiple underage girls, have been expanded to include multiple victims and new evidence.

The singer is said to have met a 17-year-old boy in 2006 and then had sex with him. He also forced him to have sex with other women, including a minor. The singer then filmed it, for his own convenience but also to blackmail the victims.

Furthermore, according to prosecutors, it appears that Kelly physically abused and threatened his victims. Kelly has been in jail for two years pending his trial, which begins on August 9 in New York. If convicted, he could face decades in prison. Kelly himself claims to be innocent.


The Game Flaunts New Physique After Quarantine Weight Gain – But That’s Not What Grabbed Fans’ Attention

As millions of people around the globe. The Game found himself weighing extra as a result of quarantine.In fact, the rapper says he put on 30 pounds as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the globe and people’s waist lines.

On Sunday (May 30), Game shared an Instagram photo of himself looking noticeably fit and explained what led him taking his health more seriously.

“Quarantine had me 30 pounds over weight,” he captioned the photo. “In the house eating whatever my kids ate like the outcome was gonna be smooth. Nope, shit went straight to my belly & face…. stomach was out ta here———> ask anyone that knows me lol… Shit had me out of my bag for a year plus.”



Game says he embarked on a “60 Days of Fitness”  in an effort to get fit again and it clearly paid off but that was not what caught people’s attention. In the photo, Game is rocking white boxer briefs with his, um, package pronouncedly on display.

Over 13,000+ comments the post with remarks such as “That ain’t the only thing that gained 30 pounds,” “U know damn well what u was doing when u took this pic” and “Sorry, not sure what is said, I got a little big distracted” as people zeroed in on Game’s lower half. But Game isn’t done with his fitness journey.


“This is only the beginning,” he added in the caption. “Give me til my birthday to show you what you can really do on this program when you’re focused !!! Go to today & start your journey !!!”

Game is one of many artists who’ve transformed their bodies over the past several months  from EDI Mean and Busta Rhymes to Megan Thee Stallion and Action Bronson.




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