Ice Cube Warns AI Music Creators - I Don't Wanna Hear That Bullsh-T

Ice Cube Warns AI Music Creators: “I Don’t Wanna Hear That Bullsh-T”

Ice Cube, renowned for his candidness, recently expressed his strong opposition to the current trend of artificial intelligence (AI) in music. During a conversation on the Full Send podcast, the former N.W.A member made it clear that he has no interest in AI-generated songs. When asked about the viral AI-produced collaboration between Drake and The Weeknd, called “Heart on My Sleeve,” Ice Cube dismissively replied, “I don’t wanna hear that bullshit.” He even suggested taking legal action against the creators and platforms involved in the dissemination of such content.

Ice Cube is not alone in his skepticism toward AI technology. Fellow rapper and Black Eyed Peas co-founder,, shared similar concerns during an interview on SiriusXM. He highlighted the need to safeguard personal biometric data, such as “facial math” and voice frequency, in order to prevent potential misuse. emphasized that without proper regulation, individuals could face serious repercussions, ranging from identity theft to unauthorized access to personal accounts.

As the influence of AI continues to grow, artists like Ice Cube and are shedding light on the importance of establishing comprehensive guidelines to protect creative ownership and personal data. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, it is crucial for society to adapt and implement appropriate measures to govern this new frontier.





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