2 Chainz Says He Hasn't Been Getting Response from Lil Wayne about a Two-Year Long Collab

2 Chainz Says He Hasn’t Been Getting Response from Lil Wayne about a Two-Year Long Collab

2 Chainz said that he hasn’t been getting any positive response about his collab project with Lil Wayne for the past two years. 

In a video, 2 Chainz said: “Two, three, for years now working on this project, and I’m finally getting to the finish line of this project with me and Wayne that I’m so excited to bring to the marketplace. I’m still learning stuff. I’m still learning things in this business. And one thing that I have learned in this process is that no response is the response.”

Don’t forget that the rapper was suppose to drop the follow-up project last year. As at now, the actual release date is not certain. Following what Chainz told DJ Akademiks, himself and Wayne already did a larger part of the project. 

2 Chainz revealed: “We were in the studio together. This time, we’ve been in the studio together multiple times working on this project. Whether going back in after we’ve done something or whatever. This one is definitely coming out this year. We’re actually in the process of mixing it. Wayne’s on every single song.”

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2 Chainz expresses studio experience with Dr. Dre on Drink Champs

2 Chainz Explains Studio Session With Dr. Dre on “Drink Champs”

2 Chainz explains studio session with Dr. Dre on “Drink Champs.”

The rapper explained his encounter with Dr. Dre during studio session when he featured on “Drink Champs,” DJ  EFN and N.O.R.E’s podcast. The rapper talked about his journey and experiences he had with Dr. Dre

Some of the topics he talked about include his latest album, “Dope Don’t Sell Itself.” Also, he talked about his collab with Lil Wanye and why he parted ways with Ludacris’s label DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace) and more. 

He spoke about one of his encounters with Dr. Dre in a studio session where he told Dr. Dre he wasn’t Eminem.

“I went to Dre’s crib,” Chainz said. 

“He sat right here, and I was rapping right here and it was little funny cause I was getting little frustrated because, I don’t know, I’m country, or whatever…I’m from Atlanta. At this time I told him, ‘Look, I’m not like a white boy from Detroit. I ain’t f**king have like… Because he was stopping me like ‘Nah, change it.’ I’m trying to rap but he is a perfectionist. It’s the reason he is f**king who he is so I got that.”

Speaking further, he said,  “I’m somebody that can probably do… I can do two or three songs in one night. But with him [Dr. Dre] it would probably take months to do that because of the process of just getting one verse down and making sure you enunciate things and make sure it’s clear. I’ve been on there a few times, and I learned a lot from him. He’s just a perfectionist on how he does things. I think my accent and my enunciation was a problem. He was trying to tell me how to do it. And I told him ‘You know I’m from Atlanta right? I’m not gonna sound like the bro you have been working with’.”


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