A$AP Bari Keeps Teasing A$AP Rocky By Labeling His New Music "Trash"

A$AP Bari Keeps Teasing A$AP Rocky By Labeling His New Music “Trash”

A$AP Bari Keeps Teasing A$AP Rocky By Labeling His New Music “Trash”

A$AP Bari continued to criticize A$AP Rocky on social media on Wednesday, calling his next album “trash.” Rocky had already been dubbed “burnt out” by Bari in response to one of his recent Instagram postings.

“Shit trash,” Bari commented in response to a post from Our Generation Music announcing that Rocky’s next album will not be called “All Smiles.”

Fans overwhelmingly sided with Rocky in return, much like they did in response to Bari’s previous diss.

“Why talk down on the man who made you relevant?!?” As reported by XXL, one fan responded back to Bari. “And to do it on the internet means you are crying for attention… smh who hurt you? You lame af!”

Rocky hasn’t revealed much about his future album, but he did recently release a new tune called “D.M.B.” He and his companion, Rihanna, may be seen wandering around New York City in a music video for the song.

A$AP Rocky On All Smiles

Rocky told Dazed Magazine that the real All Smiles is “more of a concept project,” which is why his new album isn’t called “All Smiles.”

“One thing I can tell you is that the name isn’t gonna be All Smiles you know, I never publicly said that my album was called All Smiles,” Rocky stated. “That one is more of a concept project, it’s music and more. I’m wrapping up the new album now; I’ve been shooting so many visuals for it. I don’t want to be cliche or sound like a salesman, but I’ve pushed myself to the limit on everything. Going from that industrial, subversive sound from Testing and then graduating with a more polished sound…I just like where it is.”

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