Antwain Fowler's Mom

Antwain Fowler’s Mom Sets To Open Restaurant In His Honor: Naming It ‘Where We Bout To Eat At’

Antwain Fowler‘s Mom Sets To Open Restaurant In His Honor: Naming It ‘Where We Bout To Eat At’

Antwain Fowler’s Mom To Open Restaurant In His Honor

The viral child, Antwain Fowler who inquired, “Where we bout to eat at?” might have a café opening in his honor.

Christina Burns, Antwain’s mom shared with TMZ that his GoFundMe account was created in March during his different stays in the clinic.

It has now outperformed $74,000, and $22,000 is being contributed since his passing on Sunday. Christina says that she hopes to utilize the cash to keep his legacy alive by opening an eatery called, “Where We Bout To Eat At?”

Antwain’s mother clarifies the $22,000 that was set up will be set towards starting the business, while the rest of be utilized towards Antwain’s clinic bills and other family expenses.

Christina reports she will help build the menu; however, she is seeking workers to assist with running the components of the eatery. The menu will be adaptable with fish, chicken, etc.

Antwain became a web sensation with his renowned trademarks which will be perceived on the menu. Antwain’s mother has a couple of signs at the top of the priority list, and one of them will contain “You Have Cheese Like Me” mozzarella sticks.

Antwain died on November 21 subsequent to fighting an uncommon immune system inadequacy. It’s what kept him all through the emergency clinic.

He was just 6 years of age.

Antwain Fowler, 6-year-old Kid Known For His Viral Video “Where We Bout To Eat At” Is Dead

At the age of six, internet celebrity Antwain Fowler, better known as Big TJ, loses his life to the cold hands of death.

According to a medical source, the social media celebrity who became well-known for his “where we bout to eat at” video has had around 25 operations in just five years due to a persistent illness. Despite his fame, Antwain Fowler (Big TJ) was said to have suffered greatly due to medical difficulties.

The young internet celebrity, despite his illness, had a very warm heart.

The 6-year-old internet sensation passed away on November, 2021.

This is devastating news for the Fowler family and his millions of fans around the world. Big TJ’s sudden death devastated those who knew him and his many admirers. The young internet celebrity leaves behind his parents, sister and thousands of fans.

“It is so sad to know that Big TJ is gone. He was such a nice person despite all the pain he had to endure.”

Big TJ’s trending video received millions of views.

Rest in peace Big TJ.


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