Azealia Banks Tags Beyoncé A Creep Who Observes Everything She Does

Azealia Banks Tags Beyoncé A Creep Who Observes Everything She Does

Azealia Banks Tags Beyoncé A Creep Who Observes Everything She Does

Azealia Banks is currently receiving a lot of well-deserved accolades. Her early work undoubtedly fits under the genre of house music because she has always been a supporter of it. Some fans think Banks has significantly influenced house music and that Drake and Beyoncé’s most recent incursions into the genre can be credited to Banks’ influence.

In light of this, it appears that Banks is not a big fan of Beyoncé’s song “Break My Soul.” A few days ago, Banks requested her followers on Instagram to cease creating mashups of her songs that also include “Break My Soul.” She merely uttered the word “They are horrible,” which is a pretty strong sign that Beyoncé’s most recent album isn’t her style.

In a series of Instagram stories, Banks is currently attacking Beyoncé mercilessly. Banks made a reference to a previous piece when it was discovered that Beyoncé listened to Azealia while coming up with the ideas for her most recent song. Beyoncé claimed numerous other artists as influences, including David Asante, Mista Jam, and MNEK. Banks does not like this very much since she believes Beyoncé does not know enough about the genre. The fact that the “Break My Soul” singer failed to include Donna Summer in her list of influences is the epitome of this.

“Why feel the need, after 13 years of my career, say you’re ‘brainstorming’ with six people to my early records… which are miles beyond whatever flaccid and insincere attempt you just made to try for an attention grab during pride month?” Banks stated. “When you don’t give a damn about the gays any other time of the year?”

Banks Calls Beyonce A Creep

Banks didn’t stop there; she continued by launching a barrage of voice memos on her Instagram story in which she claimed Beyoncé was constantly attempting to completely discredit her.  “Beyoncé’s been trying to write me out of my own narrative for years,” she then said you’re a joke” to the Queen B, and “you’re trying to erase my contributions to house music, dance music…you’re a fucking creep and you watch everything I do.”you

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