Cam'ron Reports On Alleged Knitting Needle Attacks By Ben Gordon On The Streets

Cam’ron Reports On Alleged Knitting Needle Attacks By Ben Gordon On The Streets

Cam’ron Reports On Alleged Knitting Needle Attacks By Ben Gordon On The Streets

For his sports program “It is what it is,” Cam’ron is working hard, and he’s adding to it with an investigative investigation on former NBA star Ben Gordon.

Killa Cam posted a story about Gordon’s arrest for reportedly stabbing people in Harlem with knitting needles on his Instagram feed On Wednesday, December 7. Cam’s post included a collection of videos that were assembled to highlight the entire incident.

“It’s your boy Cam reporting for It is what it is talk in front of Harlem Hospital, where former NBA player and sixth man of the year ‘Ben Gordon’ seems to be having mental issues trying to stab people. Weapon of choice, sewing needles,” the rapper said the camera panned out to show the hospital.

The next few clips depicit one of the needles Gordon allegedly used on the street and actual footage of the arrest that shows the former shooting guard moving his head erratically while police put handcuffs on him.

Other clips shows Gordon in the hospital being attended to by a nurse but later tried to escape from the facility. Cam took it upon himself to get accounts from eye witnesses who saw the whole incident.

One man said he was outside not knowing what was going on when he allegedly saw Gordon with a knitting needle in his hand trying to harm people. Another person claimed to have approached Ben Gordon to say hi but saw Police chase and tackle him to the ground.

Judging from the comments under Cam’s post, many fans of the Dipest head honcho weren’t sure whether what they were seeing was real or not.

“Son I’m done lol,” former NFL player Lesean McCoy wrote while someone else said “Cam got the new before everybody?? How did that happen?”

Former Indiana Pacers player Roy Hibbert asked Cam straight up, “Kills this for real?” To which the rapper replied: “Yea.”

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