Lil Uzi Vert Explains The Viral Video Of Them Acting Miserable During Their Birthday Party

Lil Uzi Vert Explains The Viral Video Of Them Acting Miserable During Their Birthday Party

Lil Uzi Vert Explains The Viral Video Of Them Acting Miserable During Their Birthday Party

Lil Uzi Vert turned 27 on July 31st, and while the rapper was showered with affection from friends, admirers, and girlfriend JT, a video that went viral of LUV appearing miserable at their celebration has the internet very concerned.

The Philadelphia native is seen in the viral video sitting at a table with loved ones, a cake in front of them, and a cake with enormous shining candles on top. Although most people would be grinning at such a situation, the recording artist appeared uneasy or perhaps upset.

When someone told them to “blow that shit out,” they reacted with a serious “how?” as they questioned how such a feat could even be accomplished using enormous sparklers.

Uzi apparently learned about the video’s popularity since they responded to it earlier today (August 2) on Twitter, stating, “[Every time] I have a [birthday] dinner I reflect on my past and it makes me sad.”

The Red & White artist may have had a difficult day, but that didn’t stop his City Girl companion from going above and beyond to show her other half how much she cared.

“I love you Uzi,” the “Twerkulator” rapper said in a statement on Instagram. “I’m crying making this post because you are literally a dream come true! I feel like with everything I [have] been through in life you are one of my greatest rewards! I wake up every day to either your frown or smile.”

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Omeretta the great

Omeretta Explains 2018 Beef With City Girls Rapper JT

Omeretta The Great has shed light on the beef she had with City Girls Rapper JT in 2018 during the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper interview. Tweeter has been the major source of online beef amongst rappers. Omeretta was actively in a war of words with City Girls Rapper JT in 2018. 


Omeretta and JT didn’t seem to have any ulterior motives to have been responsible for the beef between them. Notwithstanding for a short while, they were actively involved in a serious war of words in 2018. 


It all started by Omeretta thinking JT was saying something against her which made her to fire back. Consequently, the City Girls got back at Omeretta. 


When asked about what transgressed between are and the City Girls Rapper JT in 2018, she laughed and said, “Basically, it was like, 2018 and she was on Twitter saying something, I felt like she was talking about me,” Omoretta said. “I felt like she was talking about me because she was signed to [Quality Control] and I felt like they used to be talkin’ junk about me, so I just replied to her and was like, ‘Direct yo sh*t.’ And she was like, ‘B*tch, wasn’t nobody talkin’ ’bout you,’ so I was like, ‘B*tch, who you talkin’ ’bout?’ And we got to arguing.”


Watch the video and tell us what you think about it? Tell us in the comments. 



City girl jt compare sentence with Kim Potter

Kim Potter Vs City Girl JT Sentence

Kim Potter was sent to jail for two years on Friday, February 18. The sentence is due to a confirmed murder charge of shooting a 21-year-old Daunte Wright in April 2021 during a traffic stop.


Her prosecutor wanted to charge her with seven years and two months jail term. Kim Potter’s defense counsel was successfully able to negotiate a deal because of her remorsefulness and lack of criminal history. Kim Potter states that she drew a gun mistakenly instead of a taser at the time of the traffic stop which later led to the death of Daunte Wright.


The City Girls lyricist JT commented on Kim Potter on social media. She compared her lack of criminal history with the disgraced law enforcement officer. “Kim Potter got the same time I got for fraud for MURDER!” she added


Boosie Badazz Why included his two cents by reposting JT’s comment with his opinion on the situation. “This just a racist world!!” he added this caption on his Instagram page.

Apart from sharing his thoughts on the subject, he is also working on his new release titled “heartfelt” to be released the same day as Kanye West’s new project.




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