Donda 2

Donda By Kanye West Still On Billboard 200 Top 10

“Donda 2” Kanye West’s album could not make it to the Billboard charts after breaking the policy of engagement with stem players. However, Ye still records great success from the “Donda” he released last year. On the 29th of August, 2021, Kanye West released his 10th studio album. The album has remarkable influence  in the United States of America. Also, the album has been qualified for RIAA certified platinum status.

“Donda” made it the No 1 in the Billboard charts after spending five days on tracking,

 It has 309,000 album-equivalent units. This track made the 10th consecutive chart-topper album of Kanye West on the US Billboard chart.

The first day Donda was released, it got the highest first-day streams on both Apple Music and Spotify in 2021. This makes it Kanye West’s 10th chart-topper album which forms a tie with Eminem’s record on the US Billboard 200. October 2021, the Donda Stem Player was published, which allows users to remix the songs and add new ones, and the album was well fine-tuned on November 14.

Artists that featured in the project include Jay-Z, DaBaby, Andre 3000, Playboi Carti, The Weeknd, Lil Baby, Baby Keem, and more. “Donda” got the nomination for the album of the year and Best Rap Album at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

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Kanye West's Donda Sport

Kanye West Loses Sponsorship Deal

Kanye West loses music sponsorship deal with Apple immediately he announced “Donda 2” Stem Player. Ye has earlier announced that his album, Donda 2, will not be available on any streaming platform other than his own, Stem Player. This means that “Donda 2” will not be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and so on. 

It became clearer yesterday (Feb., 18) that Amazon was not pleased with Ye’s decision. Perhaps, it is what the streaming platforms might consider an “anti-streaming revolution.” 

On Friday (Feb 18), Kanye shared a text from Demian that reads “Please inform Ye that the apple is no longer doing the sponsorship deal.” In the caption, he wrote, “Duh” with laughing and eye roll emojis. 

Not long after, Kanye West shared “Randy” text which requested him to cut a $2 million check for the Miami listening event. He later says, “I love how Apple only sees artist in only one way,” “They’ll sit with Daniel Ek but won’t meet with Ye. I remember me and Virg were with Daniel Ek in the club in Stockholm and he told me he could tell I get more pussy than him.”

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