Key Glock Talks on Being Hungry

Key Glock Talks on Being Hungry

Key Glock featured on Million Dollarz Worth of Games podcast and said he wants to make more money. 

During the interview, Wallo said “You 25 years old but you got a body of work you know. Glock bun, Yellow Tape, glaucoma, like dummy. You got a bunch of stuff and it’s like you know because smiling at you man because you know you got to hustle, just to do what you need to do. Buy you’re only 25 and you establish artist out here and you are independent, you know how did, how do you it feel, man? 

Key Glock replied Wallo, “It’s cool but like I’m still hungry bro. I’m not satisfied yet. I always see it like man go.get the money. It’s out you know what I’m saying? He’s always some more out there. Like never get too comfortable with, you know what I’m saying, with anything like not even Jay music just like never get too satisfied or too comfortable with anything and you just want more.”  

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Key Glock Honors Young Dolph With Tattoo Of Him: ‘When They See Me, They See You’

Key Glock Honors Young Dolph With Tattoo Of Him: ‘When They See Me, They See You’

Key Glock Honors Young Dolph With Tattoo Of Him: ‘When They See Me, They See You’

In a recent post, Key Glock Honors Young Dolph and revealed a new tattoo he got to pay tribute to the rapper.

The hip-hop community continues to mourn the loss of Young Dolph, who was killed by gunmen in his hometown Memphis.

Key Glock took over Monday night in his Instagram stories to share a portrait of Dolph that he got inked on his arm.

The only post currently on Key Glock timeline is a tribute to Dolph, who has a photo carousel, to show how the Memphis rapper was always there for him in various points of his life.


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“Words really can’t explain how I truly feel right now.. I’m sick to my stomach bruh!! Peace ain’t even working.. all I see is DARKNESS, only GOD knows how much you meant to me,” Glock closed his emotional caption.

Although, Key Glock is not the only rapper closer to Dolph that wanted to honor him with a tattoo. The street artist Jay Fizzle also paid tribute to him by getting a tattoo on his back.

“The only n***a that had my back no matter wad [sic],” he wrote in the caption for the pic of the tattoo. “So I stamp yo face on my bacc 💯 I love you dude 🐬💜.”




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