City girl jt compare sentence with Kim Potter

Kim Potter Vs City Girl JT Sentence

Kim Potter was sent to jail for two years on Friday, February 18. The sentence is due to a confirmed murder charge of shooting a 21-year-old Daunte Wright in April 2021 during a traffic stop.


Her prosecutor wanted to charge her with seven years and two months jail term. Kim Potter’s defense counsel was successfully able to negotiate a deal because of her remorsefulness and lack of criminal history. Kim Potter states that she drew a gun mistakenly instead of a taser at the time of the traffic stop which later led to the death of Daunte Wright.


The City Girls lyricist JT commented on Kim Potter on social media. She compared her lack of criminal history with the disgraced law enforcement officer. “Kim Potter got the same time I got for fraud for MURDER!” she added


Boosie Badazz Why included his two cents by reposting JT’s comment with his opinion on the situation. “This just a racist world!!” he added this caption on his Instagram page.

Apart from sharing his thoughts on the subject, he is also working on his new release titled “heartfelt” to be released the same day as Kanye West’s new project.




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