One of Symba's Favorite Freestyles is Drakes's "Fire in the Booth"

One of Symba’s Favorite Freestyles is Drakes’s “Fire in the Booth”

Symba, who put up a strong freestyle performance in 2022, has now 

praised Drake for the masterful performance he gave on Charlie Sloth’s “Fire in the Booth series.”

The Oakland native praised Drizzy’s raw freestyle in an interview with HipHopDX, noting that it was the first episode of Charlie Sloth’s acclaimed series he had ever seen. 

“Yeah, I think that Drake freestyle was cold,” he said. “It’s definitely different but I think it was still raw and dope in a sense because that was the first time I heard of Fire in the Booth, when I seen Drake on there …

He added: “I just liked how Drake went up there and just got in his London bag. He just started poppin’ it.”

Royce Da 5’9′′, Freddie Gibbs, Black Though, and other artists received roses as Symba continued to list his other favorite freestyles.

Royce on Hot 97, Royce on L.A. Leakers, King Los’ L.A. Leakers, Freddie Gibbs’ L.A. Leakers, Benny The Butcher’s L.A. Leakers, Black Thought Hot 97 with Funk Flex, DaBaby’s L.A. Leakers was dope,” he listed. “When he left the bowling alley that night — that was fire … I just seen YG go up there, his was dope too. Meek Mill’s Hot 97, TSU Surf on Bars on I-95.”

Symba stated that he watches as many freestyles from his fellow rappers as he can to get ideas and expand his rap vocabulary. 

“I watch everyone. That’s what makes mine stand out,” he admitted. “Because anytime I go up to a platform I watch every single one. I watch they demeanor, what they was talking about and I try to find something nobody ever said and hasn’t been done. I always try to find that angle of what’s not been said and then I go in there and say it.”

In terms of his musical output, Symba released his Results Take Time album in September, hosted by DJ Drama. He performed his freestyle skills on a number of shows, including Sway’s Universe, Funk Flex on Hot 97, and a few others to support the project.

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Pusha T features Jay Z in New album

Pusha T Features Jay Z In New Album

Pusha T’s album release day is fast approaching. The album received input from the board of Kanye West’s all-star production team. Pusha’s fans are eagerly waiting to find out what Pusha has been cooking behind the scene. 


Recently, Pusha appeared on Gillie Da Kid and Million Dollarz Worth of Game by Wallo’s podcast. During the appearance, Pusha announced that he will be collaborating with Jay-Z to wet fan’s appetites. 


Also, Pusha spoke about his history of collaboration with Hov. He revealed that the Brooklyn-bred billionaire and him will collaborate in his upcoming DAYTONA follow-up. 


“I got three songs with him now … something from my new album,” he said. “I don’t know if I was supposed to say that, but I’m up with y’all, though, we here.”


Previously, Jay-Z and Pusha T have had collab two times. The first time was on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West and the second time was on 2016’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” 


Although, Pusha believes Jigga and him have similar commonalities when who has the best lyrics is considered, just admitted that Jay-Z might just be the best option. 


Pusha has responded Carl Chery tweet earlier, “Welp this album is abt feeding the conscious mind, I hope you aren’t disappointed.” Carl Chery is the Head of Urban Music at Spotify. Pusha tweeted, “I’m growing up Carl.”


Roddy Ricch Defends Himself After Being Accused Of Being "False Flagging" As A Crip

Roddy Ricch Defends Himself After Being Accused Of Being “False Flagging” As A Crip

Roddy Ricch Defends Himself After Being Accused Of Being “False Flagging” As A Crip

Not all Compton Crips are down with Roddy Ricch.

One of them, a Compton resident and member of a Yah-L gang, called the Wack 100 Clubhouse and accused Roddy of “false flagging” as a Crip.

Roddy, who claims Park Village Compton Crips, didn’t take the suggestion seriously.

“You saying I’m not from the hood? Who saying I’m not from the hood? You saying I’m not from the hood,” Roddy said. “You ever touched a million dollars? You know what that feel like?”

Roddy continued with an appeal to his bank account.

“You 30, 40 years old using this app; n*gga, I’m 23. I don’t even know how to use this sh*t. ‘Cause I’m over here trying to make the Forbes again this year … Listen, I done made $20 million in a year; you think I’m about to be posted up with you, n*gga.”

He also said he would represent his neighborhood more strongly, but his etiquette does not allow it.

“You saying I’m false flagging; n*gga, I got put on my hood and I was over there, every video until Anti-Social was in the hood!” he yelled. “The label, Julie Greenwald, called us and told us we doing too much in Compton and we gotta do videos everywhere else — that’s what happened, n*gga.”

Although he became very passionate in the chat room, Roddy Yah-L did not seem to convince Yah-L of anything..

U.S. Lawsuit Claims That Subways Tuna Include Meat From Other Animals THEURBANSPOTLIGHT.COM

U.S. Lawsuit Claims That Subway’s Tuna Include Meat From Other Animals

U.S. lawsuit was filed against Subway, alleging that it used “deceptive marketing and labeling” to promote its products as healthier than they were.

According to a third version of the complaint, Subway’s tuna products contained chicken, pork and cattle DNA in samples, according to Reuters on Thursday.

The company “duped” customers by implying that its sandwiches were healthier than they are.

According to the news source, on Monday, Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin sued Subway for selling tuna sandwiches that they claim violated California law. According to the lawsuit, a marine biologist tested 20 samples of tuna products taken from over a dozen southern California Subway restaurants and found that 19 of them had “no detectable tuna DNA sequences.”

All 20 test samples, according to court documents, contained chicken DNA, 11 items included pork DNA, and seven contained cattle DNA.

A Subway spokesperson rejected the lawsuit, stating in a statement that “the plaintiffs have filed three meritless complaints, each time changing their story.”

“This third, most recent amended claim was only submitted after their previous complaint was rightfully dismissed by a federal judge. Our legal team is currently reviewing the plaintiffs’ amended claim and will file a new motion to dismiss this irresponsible and unlawful lawsuit once we have completed our evaluation.” “The reality is that Subway tuna is genuine and strictly controlled by the FDA in the United States, as well as other government bodies across the world.”

Subway is no stranger to food-related lawsuits, however, its tuna has brought in controversies.

The New York Times reported in June that, after purchasing 60 inches of Subway tuna sandwiches from three separate locations, it could not find any identifiable tuna DNA.

Subway said that DNA testing is not a reliable method to identify denatured proteins, such as Subway’s tuna, which was cooked before it was tested.”

In response, they have set up a website to defend itself from such claims, including a “Tuna facts check.”


Soulja Boy Disses his New $200k Mercedes Maybach Truck

Soulja Boty is well known for doing many outrageous things but for dissing his new Lambaste he seems to have gone far. The rapper bought the 2021 Mercedes – Maybach GLS truck at a price of $160,000 which goes up to approximately $200,000 after customization and modification. Soulja Boy went on to post on his Twitter handle on 29th June that he was dissatisfied by the shape and appearance of the new truck. Big Draco surprised many of his fans by dising his own investment. He posted, “I just bought the Maybach truck but this shit ugly”


The post elicited a debate as many wondered what sort of a person could buy such a vehicle without having to do enough research to make sure he gets exactly his taste. Followers slid into the comments section with all sort of views. He received some money teachings while some dismissed him as a attention seeking. They told him to make publicity stunts by playing with people’s minds. A fan commented, “People spend money on the dumbest shit and then brag about it,” a disgruntled follower replied. “Instead of utilizing your money for making more money you buy depreciating assets. At least lease the damn cars.”


Soulja Boy is a known bowler and popular Blowing money fast but this time he seemed to have gone too Far. He has a collection of hot and pimped rides including a Lamborghini he put on the line but placing on a bet during the Bow Wow battle. The battle nearly stopped as his SODMG Crew had trouble with the Verzuz security detail. However, it went down successfully as the two made a historical performance in the VERZUZ calendar. People wondered how the hell on earth could someone put search a money on a ride he really doesn’t want. SOULJA Boy in an award winning Hip Hop artist.





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