Watch: Jennifer Lopez's $5 million Rare Diamond Engagement Ring

Watch: Jennifer Lopez’s $5 million Rare Diamond Engagement Ring

Watch: Jennifer Lopez’s $5 million Rare Diamond Engagement Ring

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have rekindled their romance. The “Dear Ben” singer announced the good news via her OnTheJLo email on April 8th. She made the announcement when she showed off her magnificent green engagement ring. The ring is said to be worth $5 million. 

Jennifer, 52, isn’t the first celebrity to wear a colored engagement ring. Ben famously gave her a pink one in 2002, and Marc Anthony proposed to her with a blue one but green is the rarest of them all (and Jennifer’s favorite color).

The Rare Green Diamond

Green diamonds are extremely rare since they must be exposed to uranium in order to achieve their distinctive color: “[The stone] has to be irradiated by beta or gamma waves for long enough to turn the stone green for long enough to turn the stone green. The color is from irradiation and it’s incredibly rare,” Amanda Smith shares her thoughts. She says that this is in addition to the diamond growing in size while still meeting the criteria of being a gem quality diamond with no obvious imperfections.

Jennifer Lopez Green is a Prominent Color.

Jennifer loves the color green and has worn it on numerous occasions. She wore it at the GRAMMYs in 2000 with the jungle print Versace gown. “I’ve always considered green to be my lucky color. Perhaps you recall a certain green frock,” she wrote in her OnTheJLo email a month ago. “I’ve realized there are many moments in my life where amazing things happened when I was wearing green,” she explained. Ben appeared to be paying attentively.

Jennifer’s 4-carats Diamond Ring 

The ring is also around 4-carats, according to Jenny Luker, head of Platinum Guild International USA, and is valued at around $5 million. Jennifer’s ring seems to be a natural green diamond of roughly 4-carats set with side white diamonds on a platinum band, according to her statement. “Since the setting is platinum, she can pass along her engagement ring to her children, as platinum maintains its color and shape!” she added, noting once again that green diamonds are “very rare.”

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Ben Affleck Returns The Statements About Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck Returns The Statements About Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck Returns The Statements About Jennifer Garner

The commotion that has arisen after the statements that Ben Affleck made about his ex-wife Jennifer Garner during an interview on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ has touched the actor. Affleck was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show and said his words were “completely taken out of context.”

Ben said, among other things, that at the time he felt trapped in his marriage and drank a bottle of whiskey every day. He also stated that he would probably still have been drinking if he and Jennifer were still married. Those statements earned him a storm of criticism, something the actor did not see coming.

“People have turned the conversation around to make it seem like I’ve done bad things. I’ve said we have a lot of respect for each other and always put our children first, something we do. It’s said that I blame my ex-wife for drinking and being trapped. I’m portrayed as the insensitive, horrible bastard. I would never want my kids to think I’m speaking badly about their mother,” said Ben, who was accompanied during his visit to Jimmy Kimmel by his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, who waited backstage.

Whether Ben’s words had any effect remains to be seen. Once again, he is being bullied on social media.

A follower on Twitter said “You literally say that you felt trapped and that’s why you started drinking again. Don’t deny this, you’re only making it worse,”

Ben Affleck Under Fire After Interview About Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck Under Fire After Interview About Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck Under Fire After Interview About Jennifer Garner

The interview that Ben Affleck gave to the radio program ‘The Howard Stern Show’ has not exactly gone down with fans. Ben said during the conversation that his marriage to Jennifer Garner that he started drinking again because he felt trapped. This sparked outrage on social media.

“How can you speak like that of the mother of your three children?”

“So because Ben Affleck felt trapped, he started drinking and immediately cheated on the nanny. He also kept that part out of the interview. He felt so trapped that after he and Jennifer were separated for three years she had to take him to rehab,” a fan wrote on Twitter. Another says: ‘How can you speak like that of the mother of your three children? The mother who raised the kids pretty much on her own because you were drunk or gambling and couldn’t control your addictions. It’s outrageous to treat Jennifer so disrespectfully. And don’t forget that your kids are old enough to read everything you’ve said on the Internet. What an incredible jerk you are.’

Many fans say they are completely done with the actor, who, according to them, should not have spoken so publicly about his ex-wife.

Ben has a long history of addiction and has stated in interviews that it runs a lot in his family. His father and brother, actor Casey Affleck, have also struggled with alcoholism.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Share Thanksgiving With Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly spending Thanksgiving vacation with Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner and his children.

“They both want to go out and hang out with their kids,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The source added that Ben and his ex-wife “could work out their parenting schedule together as best they can, and with that in mind, everyone will be reuniting this weekend.”

The three of them decide to get along. There will be no drama at the Thanksgiving dinner.

“They’ve scheduled it and figured it all out. The kids will be everywhere, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will be spending time together. It’s going to be as simple as possible. No matter what will come in this weekend, [and] everyone is on the same page. “

Do you think this is a happily ever after for Bennifer? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Source MTO News

Jennifer Lopezs Mother Featured in Ben Affleck Commercial THEURBANSPOTLIGHT.COM

Jennifer Lopez’s Mother Featured in Ben Affleck Commercial

Although Hollywood stars Ben Affleck (49) and Jennifer Lopez (52) have only just got back together, Jennifer’s mother Guadalupe (Lupe) Rodríguez has already completely embraced her son-in-law. The two can be seen together in a commercial for an American app.

According to entertainment website E! online , the commercial is the ultimate proof that Ben and Jennifer Lopez want to merge their families. From about the first minute, Lupe can be seen running around a casino, which Ben has just passed by. Even Nine Perfect Stranger -acteur Melvin Gregg and professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal are shown in the advertisement.

Ben and Jennifer have been back together for several months after getting engaged in 2002. Due to the enormous media pressure on the couple at the time, the marriage fell through and they parted ways in 2004.

This time Ben doesn’t want to let go of it, he was spotted with Jennifer Lopez’s mother. The star was seen holding a note with clues to a certain ring, which could indicate a future marriage proposal . Whether that is actually true remains to be seen.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Spotted In Beverly Hills After Love Trip THEURBANSPOTLIGHT.COM

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Spotted In Beverly Hills After Love Trip

After Ben Affleck (48) and Jennifer Lopez (52) vacationed in the south of France and then Italy in recent weeks, the two have now reunited in Los Angeles. Ben had flown home before and now J-Lo is back in California too. This reports ‘TMZ’.

Ben and Jen dined in Beverly Hills at the Olivetta restaurant, to retain a little more Italian flair. Prior to their vacation, the singer would have intensively searched for a school for her twins Max and Emme (13) in the area, after living in Miami for years. This would indicate that Jennifer is moving to the American west coast, to make a new start with Ben.

Lopez was also seen several times with a real estate agent looking at villas in Los Angeles. It is not known whether she will buy a possible new house with Affleck.




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