Michael Jackson Thought Prince Was a ‘Meanie’ After Bizarre Encounter

Michael Jackson and Prince were two of the most iconic musicians of the 1980s, but their relationship was complicated. In a recent interview, recalled a bizarre encounter between the two musicians in 2006.

Michael was in the audience at Prince’s residency in Las Vegas when Prince stepped off the stage and began playing the bass in the singer’s face. The next morning, met with Jackson, who was still upset about the incident and referred to Prince as “a meanie.”

The two musicians had a long history of rivalry and tension, with Prince reportedly turning down multiple opportunities to collaborate with Jackson. Despite their complicated relationship, both musicians are widely regarded as two of the greatest artists of all time.


Kanye West Launches Yeezy Porn, Sparks Controversy

Kanye West has sparked controversy by announcing the launch of his new Yeezy porn, with a message asking fans to visit Yeezy website. The website’s content has not been disclosed, but the announcement has generated significant buzz and debate among fans and critics alike.

West, known for his provocative statements and unapologetic approach to art and creativity, has not provided further details about the platform. The move has raised questions about the nature of the platform and its intended audience.

While some fans have expressed excitement and curiosity, others have expressed concern and disappointment, citing West’s history of controversial statements and actions. The launch of Yeezy porn has undoubtedly generated significant attention, and only time will tell what West has in store for his fans and critics.

Kanye West has kept a lower profile recently compared to past years. There haven’t been any major album announcements or public appearances, until the release of his song remix where he dissed Drake. He reactivated his IG to drop a diss song targeting Drake.

Kanye West

KANYE WEST DECLARES HIMSELF SUPREME: Claims He’s ‘god’ and Runs the World

In a bombshell interview with Justin LaBoy, the ever-controversial Kanye West has made a staggering declaration: he believes he is “god” and holds the reins of global control. The outspoken rapper and fashion icon has never shied away from expressing his opinions, but this latest assertion has left fans and critics alike reeling.

West’s statement has sparked a maelstrom of debate, with some hailing his unapologetic confidence and others dismissing his claim as not cool. As the internet continues to buzz with reactions, we want to hear from YOU!

What do you think about Kanye West’s claim

Do you think Kanye’s statement is a bold expression of self-empowerment or a delusional display of ego? Can he truly be considered a “god” in the music industry or is this just another publicity stunt? Share your thoughts and join the conversation!”


Kanye Cuts Ties with Durk? Rapper Feels Betrayed by Lil Durk’s Lyric

In a surprising turn of events, Kanye West,  better known as Ye,  expressed deep disappointment with fellow rapper Lil Durk during an interview on “The Download” yesterday.

According to Ye, a lyric in one of Durk’s unreleased songs left him feeling “heartbroken.”  The specific line?  “‘Take the Yeezy shit off.'”  Apparently, the line is repeated four times in the song, which Ye seems to have taken quite personally.

Kanye West and Lil Durk

While the full context of Durk’s lyric remains unclear, Ye’s reaction suggests a potential rift between the two Chicago rappers.  Neither artist has commented further on the situation, leaving fans to speculate about the meaning behind the lyric and the future of their relationship.Kanye West and Lil Durk haven’t collaborated on music directly, but they share Chicago roots and have crossed paths a few times. There seems to be some mutual respect, with Durk featuring Ye on a song with Cardi B. However, tensions might be brewing after an unreleased Lil Durk lyric mentioning Yeezys apparently left Kanye feeling betrayed.

Kanye West

Kanye Fires Shots: Faults J. Cole’s Apology to Kendrick Lamar

Kanye West has sparked debate once again with his comments on J. Cole’s recent interview on the Drink Champs podcast, specifically Cole’s remarks about Kendrick Lamar.

Kanye West condemned the apology during an interview with “The Download.”

While Kanye offered no further explanation for his stance, you’re going t0 wonder what exactly he means.  Is he suggesting J. Cole‘s past comments weren’t that serious? Or is he taking aim at the competitive nature of the rap industry, implying apologies aren’t necessary?

Kanye has successfully inserted himself into a conversation that was seemingly over.  Social media is abuzz with fans dissecting his cryptic message and its implications for the relationship between J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.  Whether this is a playful jab or a deeper commentary on the rap industry, only time will tell.

This is coming at the time rappers are throwing shots at each other and releasing several diss tracks. What’s all this about? Let’s watch and see where it’s going to end. Remember to let us know what you think.

Kanye West1

Kanye Bomb is Phenomena: Says Drake Has a Baby Daddy

Never one to shy away from controversy, Kanye West reignited his beef with Drake in a fiery interview with The Download. The interview itself became a headline magnet, with West making a shocking claim about Drake’s personal life.

West alleged that Drake has a “baby daddy,” though details surrounding the comment remain unclear. But the interview wasn’t just about bombshell statements. West also used the platform to unleash a brand new diss track aimed squarely at Drake.

Kanye West, or Ye as he’s now known, is keeping busy. Beyond the recent interview drama with Drake, Ye has a new diss track circulating and is likely working on more music. However, his creative endeavors extend beyond music. He continues to design and release Yeezy clothing lines, and there have been rumors of upcoming architectural projects under his Donda brand. It seems Ye is constantly churning out creative work, though the specific details remain under wraps.

Kanye and Drake: More Than Music?

This latest escalation in the long-running feud between West and Drake raises questions about the motivations behind it. Is it purely artistic competition, or is there something deeper at play?

Will Drake respond with a diss track of his own? Will this escalate further, or will both rappers eventually move on? Only time will tell.  One thing’s for sure: Kanye West has successfully reignited a beef that was simmering just below the surface

Kanye West

Kanye Back With a Bang: Drops “Like That” Remix Dissing Drake and J Cole

In a surprising turn of events, Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, has returned to the social media platform Instagram after a hiatus. His return was nothing short of spectacular, with a hilarious meme dissing J. Cole and the official release of a remixed version of his song “Like That.”

The meme, which quickly went viral, featured a photo of J. Cole with the caption is sparking speculation and amusement among fans.

But the real action came with Ye’s next post. He released the official remix version of his song “Like That,” which was originally released on his album “Donda.”

This sudden return and cryptic messages have sent the internet into a frenzy. Speculation is rife about the meaning of the J. Cole meme and the direction Ye might be taking with his music.

One thing is for certain: Kanye West, or Ye, is back in the spotlight, and his actions are sure to generate significant buzz and conversation in the music industry and beyond. With a new album rumored to be in the works, fans can expect more surprises and headlines from the enigmatic artist in the coming months.

Don’t forget that known for his innovative production style, rapping about personal struggles and social issues, and his sometimes controversial public persona. Ye started as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records before achieving critical and commercial success with his solo albums. He’s one of the best-selling musicians of all time, winning numerous awards including 24 Grammys.

Kanye West Slides Into Bryce Hall's Girl's DMs: Real or Fake?

Kanye West Slides Into Bryce Hall’s Girl’s DMs: Real or Fake?

Kanye West Slides Into Bryce Hall’s Girl’s DMs: Real or Fake?

Bryce Hall made waves by dropping alleged Kanye West DMs to his girl on Instagram. Kanye supposedly slid in, dropping a casual “Back in Cali” before inviting her to a listening party. But the plot thickens as Hall’s girl politely declined, sparking speculation. “Kanye doesn’t text like that,” skeptics claimed, dubbing it all cap. Hall’s “Someone tell Kim” quip stirred more confusion, given Kimye’s split.

Kanye West Slides Into Bryce Hall’s Girl’s DMs: Real or Fake?

Others smell a different cap. “Back in Cali”? Translation: your girl’s past involvement. “She deleted earlier messages,” sleuths deduced. What’s the real deal? Sound off below!

Meanwhile, Adin Ross ate humble pie after dissing Kanye’s brand deals. Bianca Censori, Kanye’s wife, intervened, prompting Ross’ public backtrack. Ross clarified his ‘charity’ comment, suggesting streaming services stiffed Ye. Was Ross sincere or saving face? Share your take!

Share your hot takes in the comments and stay tuned for more juicy updates.

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Bianca Censori Rocks Daring Bikini Look on Vegas Birthday Bash with Kanye West

Bianca Censori Rocks Daring Bikini Look on Vegas Birthday Bash with Kanye West

Bianca Censori Rocks Daring Bikini Look on Vegas Birthday Bash with Kanye West

Kanye West’s fashion-forward wife, Bianca Censori, has unveiled her latest go-to style, and it’s making waves. The Yeezy mastermind, turned heads during her birthday escapade in Las Vegas alongside husband Kanye.

Bianca Censori Rocks Daring Bikini Look on Vegas Birthday Bash with Kanye West

In exclusive footage from TMZ, the designer strolled through the Wynn Las Vegas casino hotel, flaunting a bikini top that defied convention. Held together by a delicate string around her neck, two small fabric triangles barely shielded her chest, adding a touch of daring allure. Despite the unconventional choice, Bianca confidently sported the look, showcasing her carefree spirit as she walked hand-in-hand with Ye.

What’s your take on this bold fashion statement (Bianca Censori Rocks Daring Bikini Look on Vegas Birthday Bash with Kanye West)? Drop a comment below, and stay tuned for more sizzling updates.

Celebrity Gossips

Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak Journey - Jeezy's Street-Infused Influence

Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak Journey – Jeezy’s Street-Infused Influence

Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak Journey – Jeezy’s Street-Infused Influence

In a candid chat with Ed Mylett on SiriusXM, Jeezy spilled the beans on his pivotal role in Kanye West’s iconic 2008 album, “808s & Heartbreak.” Kanye, seeking an infusion of street essence, summoned Jeezy to Hawaii for a unique collaboration.

Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak Journey – Jeezy’s Street-Infused Influence

The Grammy-winning maestro, eager for a streetwise perspective, consulted Jeezy on every track, even sporting a chalkboard with the words “What would Jeezy do?” in Hawaii. Jeezy, the street-savvy mentor, shared, “He’d play the songs, observing my head nods, seeking that raw, relatable vibe.”

According to Jeezy, Kanye acknowledged his knack for connecting with the streets, praising him for simplicity in communication. Recalling a landmark moment, Jeezy brought Kanye to Atlanta’s colossal Birthday Bash, introducing him to a sea of street enthusiasts for the first time.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Jeezy remarked, “His audience was broad, but he craved that street connection—we all do.”

What’s your take on Kanye’s unconventional approach to 808s & Heartbreak, and Jeezy’s bold move at Birthday Bash in Atlanta?

Share your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more urban and hip-hop updates.

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