Coachella Drops Travis Scott From Festival Lineup

Coachella Drops Travis Scott From Festival Lineup

Coachella Drops Travis Scott From Festival Lineup

Coachella removed Travis Scott from the roster after Astroworld’s death.

The report comes after a petition on calling for his removal.

The appeal has more than 60,000 signatures.

“In view of the recent tragedy and unnecessary death at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert due to Scott’s own gross negligence and simple lack of compassion for human life, we ask AEG, Paul Tollet and Goldenvoice to be artists at all of their festivals, “the petition reads in line.

10 people however at the Atsroworld Festival has died, including a 9 year old boy. Travis faces billions of dollars in lawsuits. He denies any responsibility for the crowd.

“It is my responsibility to find out what happened here,” he said in an interview with The Breakfast Club last week.

“I am responsible for finding a solution. Hopefully, this takes a first step into us artists having more insight into what’s going on.”

Families of Astroworld Victims Reject Travis Scott Offer To Pay Funeral Expenses

Families of Astroworld Victims Reject Travis Scott Offer To Pay Funeral Expenses

Families of Astroworld Victims Reject Travis Scott Offer To Pay Funeral Expenses

Half of the families of Astroworld victims who died at the festival last month declined the rapper’s offer to pay for the funeral.

Scott offers to take care of the funerals of all the victims. However, Rolling Stone reports that the families of five victims declined his offer.

Earlier this week, the family of nine-year-old Ezra Blount announced that they would not accept the rapper’s offer, and family lawyer Bob Hilliard wrote that he was “certainly Mr Scott feels remorse” about the incident .

“His journey ahead is going to be painful,” Hilliard continued. “He must realize this and hope he takes some responsibility for this tragedy.”

Many lawyers are now talking about Scott’s decision to decline the offer. Richard Mithoff, an attorney for the family of 14-year-old victim John Hilgert, who recently filed a lawsuit against the rapper for the tragedy, said the offer was “undervalued and genuinely inappropriate.”

“It’s not an offer [the Hilgerts] are seriously considering,” Mithoff told Rolling Stone.

“Of all the things this case is about, this is the least worrying. This family is starting to change and make sure it never happens again at a concert.”

Philip Corboy, lawyer for the families of Jacob Jurinek and Franco Patino, said Scott’s approach – through legal teams – made it clear to the families “that he was only trying to contain the public uprising around his case.”

“When he tries to impress families that he is sincere, caring and realizes that funerals can be expensive, what Scott’s team has done is not the way to go,” he said. Corboy continued.

“You haven’t received a single letter from a Beverly Hills lawyer saying he’s representing Travis Scott. These families are still intact; they lack personal contact.”

Tony Buzbee, who represents the Axel Acosta family, was more open about Scott and called the offer “bullshit”.

“If you spoke badly about these families, you wouldn’t have to issue a press release to show people that he was prepared to pay for a funeral,” Buzbee continued.

“He said he felt sorry for them, but he was quick to say it wasn’t his fault. He was no different from any other accused who was pointing fingers at others. They don’t want funeral expenses from him. Whatever we do get from him, we go through the legal system.”

Buzbee had previously filed a $ 750 million (£ 555 million) lawsuit on behalf of the 125 festival-goers, saying: “No amount of money will ever make these plaintiffs live well; no amount of money can restore human life.

“But the damages claimed in this case are intended to restore, sustain or compensate for the damage and loss of these plaintiffs – no more and no less.”

This lawsuit is just one of many lawsuits against Travis Scott, Live Nation and other parties involved in the festival.

Youngest Astroworld Victim Has Been Rejected Travis Scott Attempt To Pay For Funeral Cost.

Youngest Astroworld Victim Has Rejected Travis Scott Attempt To Pay For Funeral Cost

Youngest Astroworld Victim Has Rejected Travis Scott Attempt To Pay For Funeral Cost.

The nine-year-old Ezra Blount was the youngest Astroworld victim.

According to Ezra’s father, he was on his shoulders when they were crushed by the crowd surge. Dad lost conscience and when he woke up, Ezra was gone. They found him in the hospital severely injured. He died days later.

Scott reached the family and tried to pay the funeral bills, but he was rejected.

“Your customer offer is rejected” Blount family’s lawyer responded to Scott in November 29th. “I do not doubt that Scott feels remorse. His journey will be painful. He must appeal and hope that he bears one of the responsibilities of this tragedy.”

By accepting Scott’s compensation, the Blount family will weaken their case to sue Travis Scott to court.

They have also refused Travis Scott’s offer to meet them.

Half of the families of Astroworld victims who died at the festival last month declined the rapper’s offer to pay for the funeral.

Scott offers to take care of the funerals of all the victims. However, Rolling Stone reports that the families of five victims declined his offer.

This lawsuit is just one of many lawsuits against Travis Scott, Live Nation and other parties involved in the festival.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott – Family of 14-year-old Astroworld Victim Files Lawsuit

Travis Scott has been charged again over his Astroworld Festival with fatal outcome. According to Rolling Stone, the relatives of 14-year-old John Hilgert, one of the ten visitors who died during the festival in Houston at the beginning of this month, are demanding compensation from the rapper for negligence.

The charges against the fatal Astroworld Festival continue to rise. In addition, over 46 charges have been filed against the rapper Travis Scott.

Hilgert’s parents also want changes to be made in the organization of concerts and festivals. For example, they argue for better security and more medical assistance on the ground. Scott and the organizers of the Astroworld Festival have been criticized for not shutting down the event sooner when chaos ensued and people were killed.

The rapper now has dozens of charges hanging on his neck. The cause of the fatal incidents is under investigation. It’s unknown how many more lawsuits will be filed by families of other victims.

No doubt, it has really been a nightmare for Travis Scott. Time will tell if this year’s end will bring light to the situation or blackness.

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Travis Scott

Travis Scott Spotted For The First Time After Astroworld Tragedy

American Rapper, Travis Scott was spotted for the first time after the tragic Astroworld incident.

Although, Travis Scott has promised to pay the funeral expenses for Astroworld victims.

His statement, reads: “Travis remains in active conversations with the city of Houston. Law enforcement and local first responders to respectfully and appropriately, connect with the individuals and families of those involved”.

TMZ reported that the rapper traveled from Houston to California. This was to spend Thanksgiving with his family. He played golf with Michael Jordan, Mark Wahlberg, Said Taghmaoui, and Corey Gamble.

In addition, Kris Jenner and Tom Cruise were seen on the golf course in Palm Springs. This is close to Kris Jenner’s home.

Travis Scott barricaded himself inside his Houston residence. This was as a result of the tragedy. After ten people died at his concert on November 5th. Several additional guests were wounded.

In addition, Several individuals sued the rapper for negligence. According to them, they claim that as a performing artist and co-organizer; he should have intervened and stopped his concert, which he failed to do.

In addition, Travis Scott’s attorney said his client was unaware of the drama unfolding in the audience and cannot be blamed. How the situation got so out of hand during the festival is still being investigated.

Astroworld Tragedy

Astroworld Tragedy – Two Security Guards Sue Travis Scott

Two security guards who were on duty the night of the Astroworld tragedy have filed lawsuits against Travis Scott.

The lawsuit was filed by Samuel and Jackson Bush, who were security personnel for the event, specifically targeting Scott. The brothers claimed they had to watch as others were trampled on and one of them had to pull a lifeless body from the mayhem.

Samuel and Jackson Bush are reportedly suing Travis Scott for making them to deal with corpses.

The lawsuit, according to reports, names 28 people and firms, including Scott, Cactus Jack Records, Live Nation, ScoreMore, NRG Park, and some other companies.

They are seeking more than $1 million in compensation.

According to the complaint, AJ Melino & Associations took few measures to prepare its hired staff for the turmoil that followed.

They failed to conduct background checks. They did not provide any training.

There was no walkie-talkies so they could communicate with superiors when things went wrong.

The Astroworld Tragedy left a lot of people dead and dozens of individuals were injured while attending the event.

Travis Scott, who performed at the event, was sued by several other victims for damages during the show.

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Astroworld Tragedy – Travis Scott Is Facing A $750 Million Lawsuit In Court

After the Astroworld catastrophe, Travis Scott has been under a lot of strain. Following the show’s deadly toll of ten fatalities and hundreds of injuries, Scott has faced numerous lawsuits from the relatives of those who died. The artist now faces an even more daunting challenge.

Since the incident, the rapper has been trapped in his home, according to reports. While his attorney stated that La Flame was unaware of the tragedy until later, he has missed out on several crucial deals.

The release of Nike’s collaborative shoes with Scott has been delayed. With the mounting legal difficulties piling up, Scott now faces an even larger obstacle.

125 fans and the families of the victims in the calamity have now filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott, Drake, Apple, Live Nation, and other corporations.TMZ reports that $750 million is being sought as compensation for those who were injured or died as a result of the Astroworld fire. The lawsuit, which was filed, demands money for both physical and mental health issues as well as the loss of life.

The case is handled by Houston attorney Tony Buzbee, who said:

The families of the deceased are entitled to compensation that will compensate them for what they have lost. No amount of money can ever repair or replace their lives. The damages sought in this case, on the other hand, attempt to compensate these plaintiffs for their losses and injuries — nothing more and nothing less.

After the tragedy, Travis Scott and Astroworld offered all of their attendees a refund.

No doubt, the lawsuits and the serious nature of the incident will most likely prevent any brands or media outlets from working with Scott in the future.

What’s your thoughts on Travis Scott being sued $750 million for the accident in Astroworld? Comment below.

Travis Scott’s Nike Collaboration Has Been Delayed After Astroworld

Nike has decided not to release the sneaker that was designed with Travis Scott for the time being. TMZ reports that the sports brand announced on Monday that the debut will be postponed due to the rap artist’s deadly Astroworld Festival.

“Out of respect for everyone impacted by the tragic events at the Astroworld Festival, we are postponing the launch of the Air Max 1 x Cactus Jack,” Nike announced it in a post on its website.

The Air Max 1 x Cactus Jack was supposed to be available starting on December 16, but that has been postponed indefinitely.

Another project Travis is working on may be jeopardized by the festival that got out of control. According to Rolling Stone, Dior is concerned about the next clothing collection, which should be launched early in 2022. The fashion house has not yet spoken out regarding this matter.

On Sunday, a tenth fatality occurred due to Travis Scott’s performance at his music festival in Houston. On Saturday, dozens of individuals were injured while attending the event. Fans have been upset over the way he handled the situation, which resulted in several fatalities. The singer has been criticized for not ending his performance quickly enough after panic erupted among the audience. Dozens of people have already sued him.

Charges For Festival Drama With Travis Scott Are Rising Considerably

The charges against the fatal Astroworld Festival in Houston last Friday continue to rise. So far, according to music magazine Billboard, 46 charges have been filed against rapper and creator Travis Scott and organizer Live Nation.

Festival-goers are demanding compensation for negligence. The visitors say that the Astroworld organization knew or should have known that the situation was dangerous.

At least eight people were killed and another 25 were seriously injured during the festival in the American city. During Scott’s performance, chaos and panic erupted in front of the stage, causing people to be oppressed.

Dior ‘Very Concerned’ About Collaboration With Travis Scott After Astroworld Drama

After the drama during the Astroworld Festival of Travis Scott, Dior is not sure what to do with the upcoming collaboration with the rapper. An anonymous employee tells music magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ that the fashion house is ‘very concerned’.

“This is about social responsibility and respect for the public”

Dior is planning to release a collection in January in collaboration with the rapper. It would have been ready by now.

Now that eight people were killed during the festival last Friday, Dior is at a loss, according to the employee. Business reputation experts are thinking of different solutions for Dior.

For example, a marketing professor advises the fashion house to follow the line. “This is about social responsibility and respect for the public.” Others advise, for example, to donate the proceeds to a good cause.

Dior has not yet issued an official response to the news.


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