Jay-Z and Jack White Have Unreleased Songs That "Will See The Light of Day"

Jay-Z and Jack White Have Unreleased Songs That “Will See The Light of Day”

Jay-Z and Jack White Have Unreleased Songs That “Will See The Light of Day.”


Jay-Z and Jack White appear to be two musicians with little musical overlap. The Hov rose to prominence as one of New York’s most recognizable rappers, while White headed the popular rock band The White Stripes for years. However, you might be surprised to learn that the two collaborated on songs in the past, and you might hear some of them soon.

Jay-Z and Jack White collaborated on songs.

White spoke with Zane Lowe for an Apple Music interview in April 2022 about his music and other topics. When Lowe asked him to clarify a notion that he and Jay-Z had “heat” in the vault, White was direct.

“That’s true, but it’s not me who doesn’t finish stuff. So it’s, uh…I’m not that guy. No, I’m just teasing,” he said honestly. “But I’m more the personality, like, ‘I’ll be there tomorrow,’ you know. So it’s different working styles.”

Jack White wants to release some of their tracks as a duo.

White went on to detail his time in the studio with Hov and his distinct recording approach. “It’s so different, you know, because when I went into the studio with him, there was just one microphone which is, I kind of was [like], ‘Whoa, what? Where are the other microphones?’” he said.

“So Jay was learning about the way I did it and I was learning about the way he did it,” he continuey. “I just like seeing anybody use a method. If you see anyone using any method, it’s really, really interesting.”

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DJ Whoo Kid Explains How He Got Eminem's Songs Leaked

DJ Whoo Kid Explains How He Got Eminem’s Songs Leaked

DJ Whoo Kid has leaked a lot of Eminem’s tracks over the years. Now, the Brooklyn native explains how he did it. DJ Whoo Kid was the latest guest on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin podcast. During the podcast, he talked about what he told Eminem when the rapper inquired about how he obtains some of his unreleased music.

DJ Whoo Kid Explains How He Obtains Unreleased Music.

“I’ll give you a quick one-on-one, I think I told Eminem personally this, but I never told nobody how we used to do it [leak songs],” Whoo said.

“On some oceans 11 sh*t, we’d be outside the studio, So four am in the morning, we get information on who’s in the studio. So Jay-Z, the whole Clique is in there. So we just hang out till like 6-7, till they come out and when they come out, we go in.”

He continued “Usually, the engineer is getting like seven dollars an hour, so we’d give him like $500 and they’ll give me like all the sessions. Not like the song, but you hear like ‘Jay-Z yo bring that back, yo f**k that, take this out’ like everything is in this session because he’ll record the whole sh*t. So then we come and take it we cypher through those daps. We had that dap machine, which would really pan all in the f**kin order. Like If you do your song, it pans your voice and it pans your song.”

“They were looking for me like crazy, like how did this get out so and I learned that from DJ Clue, he leaked “One More Chance”,” he responds on if he had beef from all that. “So the adrenaline rush of a guy like Biggie going on Hot 97 and talking about who’s DJ Clue, I’m gonna kill this motherf**ker.”

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Eminem bids Grammy bye-bye

Eminem Bids Grammy Bye-bye

Eminem is not willing to have anything to do with the Grammy anymore. If you are a lover of hiphop, you’d have heard about Eminem and listened to his songs. Eminem has been nominated about 44 times and has won the Grammy 15 times. 


The rapper doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Recording Academy again. Having boycotted the awards, he expressed to not be part of it again. 


Eminem said “Every f**king year, I’m tired of seeing it. For whatever reason, they’re always pitching this hint that you might win album of the year, which used to be a big deal. I don’t think it’s a big deal now, I sat at home for the Grammys this year and watched Jay and Kendrick not get it, and I felt like one of them should have got it. I felt Joyner Lucas should have won a Grammy for “I’m Not Racist.” Every year we went, I was up for album of the year, and then ‘the winner is Norah Jones!’”


He said further, “Don’t f**king get us all here, to use as your selling point for your f**king show, and stiff everybody every single f**king time. After that point in time, I said don’t ever ask me to come here again. My answer is no for a hundred million years.”


Nicki Minaj has also expressed her displeasure towards the recording academy. Don’t forget, Kanye West is not on the list of artists to perform at this year’s Grammy Awards night. 


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Donda 2

Donda By Kanye West Still On Billboard 200 Top 10

“Donda 2” Kanye West’s album could not make it to the Billboard charts after breaking the policy of engagement with stem players. However, Ye still records great success from the “Donda” he released last year. On the 29th of August, 2021, Kanye West released his 10th studio album. The album has remarkable influence  in the United States of America. Also, the album has been qualified for RIAA certified platinum status.

“Donda” made it the No 1 in the Billboard charts after spending five days on tracking,

 It has 309,000 album-equivalent units. This track made the 10th consecutive chart-topper album of Kanye West on the US Billboard chart.

The first day Donda was released, it got the highest first-day streams on both Apple Music and Spotify in 2021. This makes it Kanye West’s 10th chart-topper album which forms a tie with Eminem’s record on the US Billboard 200. October 2021, the Donda Stem Player was published, which allows users to remix the songs and add new ones, and the album was well fine-tuned on November 14.

Artists that featured in the project include Jay-Z, DaBaby, Andre 3000, Playboi Carti, The Weeknd, Lil Baby, Baby Keem, and more. “Donda” got the nomination for the album of the year and Best Rap Album at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

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DaBaby and NBA YoungBoy

DaBaby And NBA YoungBoy Collab “Better Than You” Compares With Kanye West And Jay-Z’s Collab

DaBaby and NBA YoungBoy just released a collab album, “Better Than You.” In an interview, DaBaby compared his collab with NBA YoungBoy on the “Better Than You” project with Kanye West and Jay-Z collab on “Watch The Throne.”


The projection for “Better Than You” is to move at about 25-30k in the first week. NBA YoungBoy is serving a home arrest. Hence, DaBaby has been making moves and running errands to ensure “Better Than You” gets on sales. DaBaby visited SiriusXM and had an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. 


While the interview progressed, DaBaby Praised the album and compared it with Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Watch The Throne” collab. “You talking about music and a body of work? It ain’t been no collab project that’s f**king around with that since… you probably gotta go to, like, Watch The Throne, JAY-Z and Kanye type sh*t,” DaBaby said. “Facts. It’s dope as hell, like sonically, everything. Different styles of music that’s on that bi**h. It’s all the way there.”


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Pusha T features Jay Z in New album

Pusha T Features Jay Z In New Album

Pusha T’s album release day is fast approaching. The album received input from the board of Kanye West’s all-star production team. Pusha’s fans are eagerly waiting to find out what Pusha has been cooking behind the scene. 


Recently, Pusha appeared on Gillie Da Kid and Million Dollarz Worth of Game by Wallo’s podcast. During the appearance, Pusha announced that he will be collaborating with Jay-Z to wet fan’s appetites. 


Also, Pusha spoke about his history of collaboration with Hov. He revealed that the Brooklyn-bred billionaire and him will collaborate in his upcoming DAYTONA follow-up. 


“I got three songs with him now … something from my new album,” he said. “I don’t know if I was supposed to say that, but I’m up with y’all, though, we here.”


Previously, Jay-Z and Pusha T have had collab two times. The first time was on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West and the second time was on 2016’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” 


Although, Pusha believes Jigga and him have similar commonalities when who has the best lyrics is considered, just admitted that Jay-Z might just be the best option. 


Pusha has responded Carl Chery tweet earlier, “Welp this album is abt feeding the conscious mind, I hope you aren’t disappointed.” Carl Chery is the Head of Urban Music at Spotify. Pusha tweeted, “I’m growing up Carl.”


Conway the machine

Conway the Machine Features Kanye West, Others in Mixtape

Conway the Machine is getting ready to release his upcoming album God Don’t Make Mistakes via Eminem’s Shady Records. The album is said for release on Friday (February 25). However, he is still sharing new new music. 


Conway released a new 14-track mixtape he called Greetings Earthlings on Saturday (February 19). He was rapping over beats from rappers like J. Cole, Kanye West, Baby Keem, and Young Thug in the mixtape. He also included features from Westside Gunn, 2 Chainz, Jae Skeese, Benny The Butcher, and so on. 


“spent my birthday Cooking up a plate for y’all and it’s All star weekend too so I’m in a good mood,” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “here’s Something to hold y’all over until the 25th.”


The new album, God Don’t Make Mistakes, will also include his latest singles “Piano Love” and “John Woo Flick.” The two singles appeared on the new mixtapes, Greetings Earthlings, he released on Saturday (February 19). 


He had an appearance on the Bootleg Kev Podcast where he received that his deal with Griselda and Shady Records is no longer effective. 

What do you think about Conway the Machine featuring Kanye West, J. Cole, and other rapper’s beat in his mixtape?

Jay-Z's Got The Internet Talking As He Rocks His $6 Million Patek Watch

Jay-Z’s Got The Internet Talking As He Rocks His $6 Million Patek Watch

Jay-Z’s Got The Internet Talking As He Rocks His $6 Million Patek Watch

Jay-Z is known to like the pricier things in life, especially when it comes to watches.

For example, earlier this year, he was seen rocking a $3 million Richard Mille RM 56-01 Tourbillon watch at a party.

But he outdid himself by wearing a Tiffany & Co.’s Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, which was sold for $6.5 million at an auction on Saturday, December 11. The rare watch retails for 52K but good luck finding it.

Jay wore it on Tuesday in Hollywood at a showing of Harder They Fall, a film that he produced.

He was seen rocking the watch a few months after he and his wife Beyoncé were in a controversial Tiffany ad.

How do you think the watch looks?

Kanye West Claims Drake and JAY Z Are Attempting to Make Him Appear Crazy THEURBANSPOTLIGHT.COM

Kanye West Claims Drake and JAY-Z Are Attempting to Make Him Appear Crazy

The second part of Kanye West’s legendary Drink Champs interview was released yesterday.

In it, Ye expressed his feelings plainly.

In the video below, he showed how his frenemies Drake and JAY-Z make him appear insane by being passive-aggressive.

“So if I have a conversation that Jay don’t want to have, he gonna avoid the conversation. I have a conversation that Drake don’t want to have about what did this line right here mean though, he gonna avoid the conversation. Y’all avoid the conversation, I say it out loud, now I’m the crazy one.”

Jay Z Deletes His Instagram Account After Just One Day THEURBANSPOTLIGHT.COM

Jay-Z Deletes His Instagram Account After Just One Day

Jay-Z deleted his Instagram account in less than one day of being active.

His last posts on Instagram was about a film he produced “Harder They Fall”.

He started the account to promote the film he produced “Harder They Fall”.

He may have decided that he didn’t want to use Instagram as much as he thought.

Could this be a step in the process of removing himself from all social media?

It seems like he is starting to stress about his fame and privacy.

The rapper had more than a million followers within a day of creating the account, but now it has been deleted. He began by following just one person: his wife, Beyoncé.

But now his Instagram profile has been deleted.

But lets not get too deep. It could be possible that Jay-Z wanted to make the move to Twitter and didn’t want his Instagram account getting in the way.




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